"All-New X-Men" #10 Features Homage To Classic "Uncanny" Cover

This article contains spoilers for "All-New X-Men" #10, which is on sale now.

"All-New X-Men" #10 continues the X-book's tie-in story with "Apocalypse Wars," taking the time-travel story to an even more dangerous place. As shown in the previous issue, the teenage Beast and Genesis (the teenage clone of Apocalypse) have accidentally arrived in Ancient Egypt. Upon landing in the foreign land and foreign time, the two were split up with Beast being captured by the marauding Sandstormers and Evan Sabah Nur coming across a very familiar face. In fact, he came across his own face when he ran into the teenage En Sabah Nur, the kid that will one day grow up to be Apocalypse.

"All-New" #10 continues both of these threads, with Evan getting to know his teenage "ancestor" way better than he ever thought possible, and Beast falling under the spell of the Sandstormer resident mystic. Things don't go so well for Beast, however, as En Sabah Nur's malicious father Baal decided to take control of Hank McCoy's fate. Baal contacts Genesis and his new ancient allies using mystical means and shows the dangerous state of Hank McCoy -- and it's a state that X-Fans may recognize.

The cliffhanger of writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Mark Bagley's issue is a direct homage to the classic cover of 1989's "Uncanny X-Men" #251. That cover, illustrated by Marc Silvestri, depicts Wolverine strung up on a similar X-shaped post and left for dead.

The time travel story concludes in "All-New X-Men" #11, which arrives in stores on July 13.

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