All-New X-Factor #2 (UNLETTERED)

This January, Serval Industries newest employees infiltrate a heavily guarded A.I.M. base in the thrilling ALL-NEW X-FACTOR #2! And their first time in the field isn't going so well! From the blockbuster creative team of Peter David and Carmine Di Giandomenico comes an team unlike anything you've ever seen before! Led by mutant mistress of magnetism Polaris - it's up to the All-New X-Factor to fight their way through scores of A.I.M. agents armed to the teeth. But is there more to the mission than corporate backers Serval Industries are telling them? Don't miss Polaris, Quicksilver, and Gambit's first mission in ALL-NEW X-FACTOR #2. Because this January, it could be their last!

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