All-New Wolverine: Honey Badger & Deadpool Are Officially BFFs


WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for All-New Wolverine # 31, by Tom Taylor, Marco Failla, and Nolan Woodard, on sale now.

While All-New Wolverine is about Laura Kinney coming to grips with her past, the book is also about her future--namely, the one she can have through her recent companion, Gabby. Since she first appeared in the book's debut arc, the young Gabby--a clone of Laura, and codenamed 'Honey Badger'--has gone through a lot. She's fought her own sisters, themselves also clones of Laura, became an alien Brood for a while, and fought a Wolverine-family hating cult. With All-New Wolverine #31 by Tom Taylor, Marco Failla and Nolan Woodard, the Youngest There Is can now add a new, delightful adventure to her ever growing list: zombie animal killing.

In the middle of some much-needed R&R, Gabby decides to take her pet, Jonathan the Actual Wolverine, on a walk. During their trip, Jonathan leads Gabby to the testing facility he was experimented on until being rescued by Squirrel Girl and brought to Laura. (Squirrel Girl thought she could talk to wolverines, but she most certainly can't until Jonathan gains a universal translator that allows him to talk.)

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Fearing that Laura will shoot down her and Jonathan's need for closure and vengeance, Gabby calls in another member of her family for help: Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool.

Gabby and Wade have a lovely, strange brother/sister dynamic going on. The two first met when Laura had to heal all of Roosevelt Island from an airborne virus and Stephen Strange brought in Wade, Daken, and Old Man Logan to help with the process. When it came time to administer the cure through skin to skin contact, Wade warned the kid about the assortment of scars he's collected over the years, but Gabby couldn't care less since she has her own (albeit less of them), and the two bonded over that. To give him something to remember her by, Gabby even cut her finger off -- that finger -- and gave it to Wade in a box so it would forever insult him.

Knowing Wade has a penchant for violence and a heart of gold underneath all his lunacy, he's the perfect person for Gabby to ask for help in saving the animals inside the testing facility. And then they'll burn the building to the ground, because, obviously.

The idea of Deadpool helping any child, let alone a kid Wolverine, is cause for alarm. Thanks to Wade, Gabby now has chloroform with her on the off chances that she needs to knock someone out, though she does still need to learn to catch them before they fall. Gabby, Wade, and Jonathan quickly find the experimented animals, but instead of being used to test makeup or medicine, it turns out that they're...zombies animals. An entire horde of them, but it doesn't take long for the three of them to slice them all up into bits.

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Except for a zombie sloth, but that's only because it's moving so slowly that Gabby and Deadpool can have a soda while they wait for it to get close enough to kill. after all, why over exert yourself?

Unfortunately for Jonathan, his family of wolverines have been turned to zombies as well, though more for bloodsport than any scientific research. The scientist behind the experiments is devoured by the zombie wolverines, and true to Gabby's promise, the building is burned to the ground. As they watch it be engulfed in flames, Jonathan accepts Wade as part of his new, even stranger family, and Gabby learns that catharsis can be pretty dang fun.

The issue is a fun read that highlights the youthful energy that Gabby has brought to the Wolverine clan. Though the other members of her family all clearly have history with one another, Gabby's appropriately the one thing that they can all agree on liking -- even the surly Daken gives her the codename "Honey Badger" because he admits that she's both cute and deadly at the same time. Deadpool is the perfect kind of person for her to bond with, to act as her de facto big brother/teacher, and zombie killing is the most appropriate thing for them to bond over.

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This kind of story couldn't be told with other members of the Wolverine family, either because they're enough to call literally anyone else but Wade for help, or because they're old enough to not want to deal with his nonsense in the same way that a child would. It wouldn't be surprising if Gabby eventually showed up in Deadpool's solo book, and when that happens, more fun is sure to be had.

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