All-New Wolverine Has No Time for Tragic Goodbyes - Or Tired Tropes

The following contains spoilers for All-New Wolverine #33-35 by Tom Taylor, Ramon Rosanas and Nolan Woodard. 

After holding the Wolverine mantle for four years, Laura Kinney's time as the Best There Is has come to an end. In the final three issues of All-New Wolverine, Tom Taylor, Ramon Rosanas, and Nolan Woodard have weaved a tale about accepting fate and death that'll sound somewhat familiar to most. Decades in the future, when superheroes have created a utopia, Laura's grown old as the queen of Madripoor and has come to accept the fact that she's soon going to die. And, like the Wolverine before her, she's got "One Last Time" for her to suit up.

And so the does, traveling to Latveria in order to rescue her sister Bellona from Victor Von Doom. Aided by Captain Marvel, Kate Bishop, Wasp, Maria Hill and her little sister Gabby Kinney (still using the codename Honey Badger as an adult), Laura infiltrates the deadly country and sets about fighting off Doom's horde of Doombots. Maria quickly becomes a casualty, which spurs Laura to finish the mission and bring Doom down so her friend can be buried in a truly perfect world. It doesn't take long for the team of heroes to draw out the attention of Doom, who chastises Laura for having abandoned her old life as a child assassin. But Laura takes that in stride, and to show how far she's come, she heads walks over to where Thor's hammer Mjolnir lies, grabs the handle...

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But no, she can't lift it, sadly. As awesome and perhaps perfect as it would've been for her to become the first Wolverine worthy to grab Mjolnir, it doesn't happen. She's come far, but she hasn't come that far.

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