All-New Wolverine #7

Story by
Art by
Marcio Takara
Colors by
Jordan Boyd
Letters by
Cory Petit
Cover by
Marvel Comics

There's something about "All-New Wolverine" #7 that feels inconsequential; after all, this is a comic where Squirrel Girl asks Wolverine for help finding the squirrel Laura used as tracking bait in an earlier issue. While the overall thrust of the issue is a bit fluffy, Tom Taylor and Marcio Takara take advantage of the lighter tone to nevertheless give us an important step in the series' overall thrust.

In this issue, the nominal plot involves Squirrel Girl asking for Wolverine's help to reunite a squirrel with its family. You can't get much sillier than that. And yet, Taylor's story still has a backbone to it thanks to the parallels between Laura, Gabby and Laura's relationship with Logan. On the face of things, this is about rescuing a squirrel, but it's really about how Laura comes to realize that she has to be there for Gabby, and that Laura really is the only family Gabby has left. It's a little overly spelled out at times, but Taylor brings an emotional core to the story that's both welcoming and joyous.

Takara is a nice addition to the creative team for "All-New Wolverine" #7. His art has a softer edge than what we've seen before; characters come across a little more rounded and slightly looser in appearance under his brush. At the same time, though, don't mistake that from his characters having an emotional hardness when needed. The combination of irritation and determination on Laura's face when she prepares to head back to bed after Squirrel Girl's arrival is very well handled, serving as a good counterpoint to Squirrel Girl's big, liquid eyes as she pulls on heartstrings to get Laura on board. On the whole, it's a good looking book, although there are a lot of panels missing backgrounds, enough that it makes some pages feel a little too sparse.

"All-New Wolverine" #7 is a much quieter issue than the previous six, and it proves that the potential range for the series is much more than just action-adventure romps. Taylor and Takara's story may have a strong component of silliness in its makeup, but there's a good core about Laura and relationships that buoys it forward in a pleasing way. With the book about to get dragged into "Civil War II" next month, this breather is just what readers needed.

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