All the Justice League Stars Who Have Demanded #ReleaseTheSnyderCut

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On the two-year anniversary of Justice League's theatrical release, talk of original director Zack Snyder's unreleased cut of the film dominated social media. After the movie was retooled following Joss Whedon replacing Snyder on the project, questions arose as to just what Snyder's original version looked like and whether it actually exists. A lot of die-hard fans have continued demanding Warner Bros. release the Snyder Cut, and Snyder himself has also dropped a lot of hints and teases as to what his version of the film could contain.

However, what have the stars of Justice League had to say about the Snyder Cut?

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Jason Momoa (Aquaman)

Justice League Aquaman Poster

Jason Momoa has been a big proponent of the Snyder Cut. The Aquaman actor said he's seen the cut and that he "thinks the public needs to see it." Momoa playfully teased the Snyder Cut again a few days later, sharing a picture of Arthur Curry piercing Steppenwolf's chest with his trident. It's pretty clear Momoa wants the fans to see what Snyder envisioned with his cut of the film, and he's never minced words about it.

Ray Fisher (Cyborg)

Cyborg in Justice League

A relatively unknown actor at the time of his casting, Ray Fisher seemed destined for a career-breakthrough with Justice League. However, Whedon's changes seemingly ended with a lot of Cyborg's scenes on the cutting room floor, and the hero's solo film has been stuck in development hell. Snyder himself shared a photo of Cyborg defending his dad Silas Stone in a scene that never made Whedon's cut. Fisher, by many accounts, had a much bigger role than what he got in the final release.

Fisher has expressed his support for a Snyder Cut on several occasions, sharing various stills of Cyborg in the film.

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Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman)

Along with Momoa, Gadot is one of only two actors in Justice League to have had success with a solo movie in the DC Extended Universe. Gal Gadot hadn't said much regarding the cut until the two-year anniversary. On Sunday, she tweeted out a picture of Wonder Woman with the caption "#ReleaseTheSnyderCut."

Ben Affleck (Batman)

Although Ben Affleck left the role of Batman earlier this year, he's finally made his thoughts on the Snyder Cut known. Like Gadot, Batfleck tweeted the hashtag "#ReleaseTheSnyderCut" on the film's two-year anniversary. While his remarks were short and simple, it's pretty significant Affleck said anything at all considering he washed his hands of the role and hasn't shared much since.

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Ray Porter (Darkseid)

darkseid apokolips justice league

We're cheating a little with this one, as Darkseid never made the theatrical cut of Justice League. However, the movie was meant to tease Darkseid, showing him to be the mastermind behind the events of the film in a way akin to Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ray Porter, who played Darkseid, has been upfront with his feelings about not being in the film, expressing his support for a Snyder Cut on several occasions, at one point tweeting directly at AT&T and Warner Bros to make his stance known. 

Ciaran Hinds (Steppenwolf)

Hinds' exact stance on the Snyder Cut isn't totally clear, though there are reports he's in favor of something more closely resembling the original director's vision. At the Ace Comic-Con, Hinds reportedly said Whedon's version of the film "wasn't the movie I worked so hard on" and "we hope the director's cut comes out because it was better than the movie in theaters." However, take that report with a grain of salt, as the original poster has seemingly taken those comments down since that quotation started circulating for reasons that aren't immediately apparent.

Ezra Miller (The Flash)


Ezra Miller hasn't really been seen or heard promoting the Snyder Cut all that much. However, at a Comic-Con in Dubai last year, a fan claimed the actor agreed with his "I Need Snyder Cut" t-shirt. It's hard to make out what Miller is saying in the short clip that supposedly supports the claim, making it a bit dubious. Thus, Miller's feelings on the Snyder Cut still aren't totally clear. However, his much-delayed The Flash movie is finally gaining some traction towards getting made, so Miller may just have a future in the DCEU beyond the film.

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Everyone Else

Henry Cavill Superman Justice League

Amy Adams (Lois Lane), Diane Lane (Martha Kent) and pretty much everyone else (with the exclusion of Henry Cavill, to whom we'll return a little later) has remained silent on the issue of a Snyder Cut. For his part, Jesse Eisenberg (Lex Luthor) admitted to filming some scenes that didn't end up in the cut, though he didn't really say anything about whether he'd wanting an alternate version.

Henry Cavill (Superman) is a bit of a different story. Cavill's role in the film changed a lot in Whedon's cut of the film. In a deleted scene of Superman in the Fortress of Solitude that released on the Justice League Blu-ray, the Man of Steel is wearing a black suit that didn't make the final cut. Storyboard artist Jay Oliva also released a artwork of Superman blasting Steppenwolf with his heat vision and the caption "#ReleaseTheSnyderCut."

Cavill has seemingly moved on from the DCEU and is now focusing on his starring role in Netflix's adaptation of The Witcher and other projects. However, Cavill did talk about the cut during a press tour for Mission Impossible: Fallout, saying he wasn't sure if the Snyder Cut existed and that "it's not going to change anything  I can think of." At that time, Cavill didn't seem to think the cut would happen, though he did say it might "be entertaining" in terms of satisfying people's curiosity.

With Affleck, Gadot, Momoa and other stars making their feelings known about the Snyder Cut, it seems those who have demanded the cut since the release of Justice League are closer than they have ever been to getting their wish. There are still a lot of questions about what shape the Snyder Cut is in and if it would even make a difference to the quality of the film. However, there are a lot of people who still want to see a Snyder Cut of Justice League, including many of its biggest stars.

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