All Hail the Poster For "Ash Vs. Evil Dead's" Second Season

Starz's "Ash vs. Evil Dead" series comes back for its second season on October 2. America is electing a new president on November 8. So when it comes to advertising for the former, why not combine it with the latter? A new poster for "Ash vs. Evil Dead" debuted on Twitter does just that.

Okay, so the new poster for the beloved Starz series doesn't frame Bruce Campbell as being the next POTUS per se, but you can't deny how fit he looks for the job. As the American flag billows behind him, he triumphantly plants his boot on the skull of a fallen Deadite, his chainsaw raised high in the air. All the while, Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo), Pablo (Ray Santiago), Ruby (Lucy Lawless) and even Ash's pet lizard Eli salute his badassery. All of this, combined with the most recent madcap Red Band trailer, should get fans plenty excited for the series' return.

Glory, gory, hallelujah indeed! "Ash vs. Evil Dead" returns for more gore on Sunday, October 2 on Starz.

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