All Hail The Anti-<i>High School Musical</i>

A musical about rebellious kids in high school struggling to express themselves with one turning into a supervillain may sound like a mash-up of Dr. Horrible and High School Musical, but the truth is even stranger: Bobcat Goldthwait is turning a 1975 Kinks album into a movie.

The former Police Academy star has written a script based around "Schoolboys In Disgrace," the (relative flop) mid-70s album by the Kinks, with a plan to direct the movie; Kinks frontman Ray Davies will executive produce. Goldthwait told the Hollywood Reporter why he was doing the project:

'Schoolboys in Disgrace' is a story that any kid who has felt that they are not being treated fairly can relate to, all set to some of the greatest rock songs you'll ever hear... It's the genesis story of a supervillain set to music. It's the story of the world's most charming criminal and a realistic high school musical for all the kids who hate sugary, sweet, unrealistic high school musicals.

(For Kinks fans wondering where the supervillain bit comes in: In the movie, one of the kids becomes Mr. Flash, the villain from earlier "Preservation Act" albums.)

As a Kinks fan as well as a musical fan, I'm cautiously excited... but I'm also a bit stunned that this movie seems to be happening, as well. Thank you, Glee, for clouding people's judgment enough to make this happen.

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