15 All Grown Up Disney Characters (That Will Leave You Shook)

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When it comes to fan art, one of the more popular styles lately is re-imagining cartoon characters as adults. What would certain characters we loved as a child -- or even as adults -- look like when they grew up and moved on into the real world? When it comes to looking at cartoons and animated movies, it is easy to find dozens of beloved child characters within the world of Disney, Pixar and Disney cartoons on television, and imagine what they might look like if the series or movies allowed them to become adults.

The child characters in Disney stretch back to the start of the studio, with Pinocchio and even the young elephant Dumbo joining older characters in the Disney Princess world, giving the studio something for everyone to fall in love with. Through the years, there have been some movies that allowed the kids to grow up, such as Wendy and Ariel in the sequels to Peter Pan and Little Mermaid, and more recently the path of Andy from childhood to college in the Toy Story movies. However, there are also more left only to the imagination. With that in mind, here are 15 looks at Disney characters all grown up!


20 All Grown Up Disney Characters (That Will Leave You Shook)

While there are a lot of great options for Disney characters all grown up in Disney movies, there are also some great options for TV shows airing on the Disney television networks. One of the more popular series over the years is Phineas and Ferb, which aired for four seasons and well over 200 episodes. The series even resulted in a TV movie in 2011 and a chance for a theatrical movie, although that has been rumored for over seven years.

This fan art by Silk-Ward took the young brothers and had them not only grow up but create their own families with Vanessa and Isabella, now with children of their own. If there is one downfall to this drawing, it is the absence of Perry the Platypus.


20 All Grown Up Disney Characters (That Will Leave You Shook)

Winnie the Pooh is an interesting Disney property. It was originally created in a book series by A.A. Milne and then licensed out to television. It wasn't until 1966 that Disney picked up the rights for movie appearances. Over the years, Disney has made a number of films based on Winnie the Pooh and his friends, including the 2011 animated film Winnie the Pooh.

This artwork comes from Deviant Art user Zardra, who said she wanted to create something funny, cute and very different, and chose to display her favorite cartoon characters all grown up. The idea was to show the characters as adults, sharing a nice picnic together in the Hundred Acre Wood. The characters in the above drawing are Piglet, Tigger, Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh and Rabbit. Sadly missing from the piece is Eeyore.


20 All Grown Up Disney Characters (That Will Leave You Shook)

Airing from 2001 until 2005 on the Disney Channel, The Proud Family featured a 14-year old African-American girl named Penny trying to navigate through her teenage years -- both in school and in her home life. While the cartoon featured her overprotective parents and way too hip grandma, this all grown up drawing features Penny and her friends.

Included in this incredibly stylized piece are Penny, Sticky, Dijonay, Zoey and even nemesis LaClenega. The Deviant Art member PayLe said that the point was to imagine what each of the teenagers did when they grew up and base their look on what their lives might have entailed after graduating high school. We'll leave it up to the reader to interpret where the kids went in life, but one thing is for sure: this one left us seriously shook!


20 All Grown Up Disney Characters (That Will Leave You Shook)

In case you've never seen the classic Disney Peter Pan,which doesn't seem possible, it's about a young boy who never had to grow up in a far away place called Neverland. With him were The Lost Boys, forgotten or runaway kids who also never had to grow up in a land of pure imagination and dangerous (but never really life-threatening) pirates. However, when it comes to his friend Wendy and her siblings, John and Michael, they returned to the real world where they eventually became adults.

Fans saw Wendy as an adult in the 2002 sequel Return to Neverland, but this is a drawing of her younger brother Michael all grown up. This work is by Deviant Art user E-Ocasio, who added a lot of Easter eggs into the piece, including the photo behind him, the teddy bear, the story of Peter Pan in the typewriter and the pink colors as reference to the pajamas he wore as a child.


20 All Grown Up Disney Characters (That Will Leave You Shook)

In the Disney Pixar movie Monsters, Inc., the two monsters Sulley and Mike Wazowski have one job -- to scare little children and help keep the power running in Monstropolis. However, Sulley makes a huge mistake when he accidentally allows a child named Boo into Monstropolis. It takes everything he can do to protect the little girl from monsters who want to eliminate her, while at the same time making sure he too isn't fired!

In this drawing by Deviant Art user MoonyMina, Boo is re-imagined all grown up, and she is doing what one might expect from a little girl who became friends with two lovable monsters. Boo is a children's author and has penned books about the funny monsters she met as a child, writing the exciting tales of friendship and loyalty that she experienced thanks to the creatures.


20 All Grown Up Disney Characters (That Will Leave You Shook)

At one time, Pinocchio was a wooden little boy, brought to life by a wish upon a star -- but still a wooden doll. However, once Pinocchio proved to be brave, truthful and unselfish, he finally earned the right to grow into a real human boy. He also lost all the false parts of his being -- from his nose that grew when he lied to the donkey ears he developed when he ran away.

When Madame-Kikue of Deviant Art decided to draw Pinocchio all grown up, the goal was to make him 16 and totally human, but keeping the idea of how he looked when he was a wooden little boy. She even kept the clothing to look like what a younger boy would wear, showing the continued innocence of the Woodcarver's Son.


20 All Grown Up Disney Characters (That Will Leave You Shook)

While they live in the same fictional world as Peter Pan, when it comes to the television show Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Pan rarely shows up. However, the kids do have to constantly battle Captain Hook, as he tries to steal all their treasure. These pirates include Jake, Izzy and Cubby, along with their parrot Skully, who seems to be missing in this drawing.

There is one basic problem with this fan art, though. When Deviant Art user austindlight created the piece, he admitted that he didn't think about the fact that no one grows up in Neverland, so there is no way that Jake and his pirate friends would get this old. Maybe they just moved away for a while before coming back? In any case, the drawing shows the three main friends as one might expect them to look if they chose to pass up the chance for eternal youth.


20 All Grown Up Disney Characters (That Will Leave You Shook)

Most of the characters in the Disney hit Wreck-It Ralph were already adults -- albeit in a video game world. Ralph was the "villain" of his game, but wanted to be a hero. Fix-It Felix was the hero who needed to learn to share. Even Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun was an adult, and a military genius at that. However, the other main character was a young girl named Vanellope in a race car game.

As the movie showed, Vanellope was an outcast and a glitch who was supposed to be a Princess. However, even as the princess, Vanellope didn't want to change and that makes this Deviant Art drawing from deliablasquez a perfect synthesis of what this Disney character might look like all grown up.


20 All Grown Up Disney Characters (That Will Leave You Shook)

In a very interesting decision, LorenzoLivrieri of Deviant Art chose to not only show Lilo and Stitch all grown up, but to put them in interesting surroundings. For fans of the movie, Lilo and Stitch was about a young girl in Hawaii who met an alien named Stitch and took it on as a pet -- and friend. She worked to protect Stitch from bounty hunters and social workers and the two became close friends.

In this piece, Lilo was placed in the role as Earth's ambassador to the Galactic Federation from the Disney movie. While Stitch looks much the same, the alien is larger. However, Lilo is dignified and regal and it is a great representation of the woman this young girl grew into. Also notice the other aliens from the movie in the background.


20 All Grown Up Disney Characters (That Will Leave You Shook)

In Disney's The Jungle Book, Mowgli was a baby when he was left in the jungles of India, where he was rescued by a black panther named Bagheera. Thanks to friends like Bagheera, the bear Baloo and the elephant tribes, Mowgli is able to survive attempts on his life by Shere Khan and King Louie and ends up living with his own people and growing up in safety at the end of the film.

In this Deviant Art piece by AgiVega, Mowgli is all grown up, still comfortable in the jungle and trying to woo the also grown up Shanti. It seems that Mowgli ended up as a well-adjusted young man and no longer seems to be looking over his shoulder for random Bengal tiger attacks.


20 All Grown Up Disney Characters (That Will Leave You Shook)

Big Hero 6 was the first Disney animated feature-length film based on Marvel Comics characters released in theaters. Like most comic book heroes, Hiro -- the young protagonist and leader of the Japanese superhero team -- lost his parents as a child and his brother Tadashi died in the movie. Despite this, Hiro found a new family in Big Hero 6 and from this artwork, it looks like he grew up into a fine, respectable young man.

According to artist DU-hockeygirl40, the idea for the design was taken from the manga version, rather than the mixed-race Disney version from the movie. The artist also added inspiration from anime, the original Marvel Comics version of the character, and what Hiro's Marvel influences in life might be as an adult -- Tony Stark and Reed Richards.


20 All Grown Up Disney Characters (That Will Leave You Shook)

Some of the best all grown up artists add a lot of Easter eggs into the drawing and this one of Disney's Alice in Wonderland is a perfect example of that. Based on the books by Lewis Carroll, Disney released the movie in 1951 and it became an instant (and lasting) classic. In the film, the young girl Alice falls into a rabbit hole and ends up in the fantastical world of Wonderland, where she meets a wide array of characters.

NevaGames created this image of Alice all grown up, and she is a tea shop owner. In this painting are various things that call back memories of the classic Disney animated film, including the various teapots, bringing back memories of the Mad Hatter's tea party. Also, notice the reference to a new tea party on the wall.


20 All Grown Up Disney Characters (That Will Leave You Shook)

While it is one of the more recent films in the Disney animated movie universe, Moana has become a hugely popular addition to the animation studio's efforts. The movie features a young girl named Moana who sets out against her father the chief's wishes to find the demigod Maui to help her save her island, as it is dying due to a blight caused by a goddess.

RamzyKamen created the image of an all grown up Moana, still in complete control of the water, as well as with both her pet pig Pua and her silly rooster Heihei, upside down and in trouble as usual. The entire design keeps the carefree style of Moana and the colors really make this art piece look different from other efforts in this genre.


20 All Grown Up Disney Characters (That Will Leave You Shook)

Disney Pixar released one of its best films in 2004 with the superhero flick The Incredibles. With the sequel coming this year, 14 years after the original film, Disney chose to keep the kids young and make it almost a direct sequel to the earlier effort. However, what would the movie look like if Disney actually moved ahead those 14 years instead of keeping it in the same time era?

This Deviant Art piece by MabyMin re-imagined what the sequel would have looked like if Dash and Violet were all grown up and Jack-Jack was now an older child instead of a baby. The artist chose to give them a little influence from the characters they were based on, with Dash looking a bit like The Flash, a less conservatively dressed Violet, and a demon-influenced Jack-Jack.


20 All Grown Up Disney Characters (That Will Leave You Shook)

What might be the saddest all grown up drawing of Disney characters comes from the Disney Pixar movie that had audiences crying in the first 10 minutes of the movie. At the start of Up, Carl was a young boy obsessed with exploring who met a like-minded girl. The two grew up, married, grew old together and then she passed away before they accomplished their lifelong dreams. It was terribly sad.

However, Carl then met a young Wilderness Explorer named Russell and over the movie he developed a close relationship with the boy -- one of the many things that Carl and Ellie were never able to have. They even went exploring, something Carl was also never able to do with his beloved wife. This drawing by Kristal Babich shows a grown up Russell, letting a balloon fly, while Carl and Ellie (and their dog Dug) are all in Heaven looking on.

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