All Of Darkseid’s Powers, Ranked

Perhaps the most dangerous bad guy in all of DC comics, the threat of Darkseid has long loomed over the DC universe. Hailing from the hell-like planet Apokolips, this deadly despot has gone toe to toe with some of the most powerful beings that have ever existed.

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Darkseid has always been and remains a staple of the DC universe. Given his god-like strength and abilities, it is a good idea for fans to catch up on exactly what he can do. Here are all of Darkseid's powers, ranked.

10 Invulnerability

Darkseid can withstand blows from some of the strongest beings in the galaxy. He has gone toe to toe with Superman, Doomsday, and many others of the same ilk. Bullets, missiles, lasers, and other weapons have no effect on him. While he can be hurt, it is nearly impossible to do so. On a few rare occasions, he has nearly died, but those times were due to extraordinary circumstances.

In addition to his outward invulnerability, Darkseid is also immune to most, if not all, diseases. He is one of the hardest beings to kill in the multiverse.

9 Strength

While he prefers to use his intellect, Darkseid has proven that he could easily enough dispatch of almost any enemy with pure brute force. Although Superman has been able to fight Darkseid on a few occasions, he is typically depicted as much stronger than the hero. The evil deity has also been able to fight the immensely powerful Zeus.

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On another occasion, Darkseid crushed a lantern ring with his bare hands, something that almost no one had ever been able to do. His strength alone gives Darkseid's set of powers a god-like status.

8 Longevity

Darkseid has lived for hundreds of thousands of years and will most likely live for hundreds of thousands more. During his many years, he has dominated many planets and amassed a massive army on Apokolips.

Although seemingly immortal, Darkseid can die. In one instance, he was killed by his son Orion. Another time he was almost murdered by the creature Doomsday.

7 Super Speed

Although he rarely uses it, Darkseid also has incredible speed and reflexes. While he isn't quite as fast as the Flash or Superman, Darkseid is still fast enough to keep up with such speedsters in a fight. At times, Darkseid has caught the incredibly fast Superman off-guard.

At his fastest, Darkseid has been known to react to threats within nanoseconds. Matched with his other abilities, this speed puts Darkseid on par with the greatest fighters in the DC universe.

6 Size Alteration


One of his more interesting abilities, Darkseid can also manipulate his own size, increasing and decreasing it at will. Although it is another ability he rarely uses, size alteration can help give him an advantage over many different foes.

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In Countdown To Final Crisis #4, Jimmy Olsen gained the powers of all the New Gods. In order to contend with him, Darkseid grew to a massive size.

5 Telekinesis


One of Darkseid's more standard abilities is telekinesis. Preferring to use his mind rather than engage in direct conflict, Darkseid often chooses to first dispose of his enemies using this ability rather than crushing them with his bare hands.

He can lift incredibly heavy objects at will using only his thoughts. He can then take these objects and either use them to protect himself or launch them toward his enemies as dangerous projectiles. The upper limits of this ability have never been fully revealed. Let's hope the heroes of the DC universe never have to find out.

4 Telepathy

Perhaps one of his most overpowered abilities, Darkseid uses telepathy to terrifying effects. There is not one being in the universe that Darkseid could not telepathically link with. Once linked, Darkseid can instantly absorb all of the knowledge from within the other person's mind.

He can use this ability to overpower a person's mind, bending their actions to his own will. This evil despot has been able to dominate large groups of living beings using his telepathy. In fact, at times he has even used it to control the minds of millions of people all at once. He has even gone so far as to take control of the entire population of a planet.

3 Intellect

Darkseid's main weapon of choice is his vast intellect. He has been known to create elaborate plans, pitting his enemies against one another and out-thinking even the smartest of opponents.

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Darkseid rules over one of the most formidable armies in all of the universe. He is a tactical genius and easily outmaneuvers antagonizing forces on the battlefield.

2 Life Force Draining

Wonder Woman Darkseid Zeus fight

One of his more unique abilities, Darkseid can drain the life force from anyone he chooses. Draining the life force of god-like entities such as himself can help rejuvenate his powers.

In the centuries of his existence, Darkseid has at times become weak due to battle or simply the passing of time. Draining less powerful beings only slightly increases his power. Draining the full life force of more powerful gods, however, can fully restore him. This is shown when Darkseid kills the god Zeus, draining his life force and regaining the full range of his powers.

1 Omega Beams

This is Darkseid's most noteworthy power. The Omega Beams are some of the deadliest weapons in all of the DC comics cosmos. They are a form of energy that emits from Darkseid's eyes or hands. These beams are so powerful that they can disintegrate objects or obliterate them with a powerful concussive force.

Darkseid has a great amount of control over these beams. He can cause them to bend and change direction mid-blast, tracking down foes who try to dodge them. Although beings as strong as Superman have shown an ability to withstand the blasts, they still cause a great deal of pain. In addition to destroying, they can also resurrect the dead or imbue someone with fantastic powers.

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