All Of The Dark Avengers, Ranked

The Dark Avengers are one of the most successful villainous teams in the history of Marvel Comics. With Norman Osborn at the helm, these criminals and crooks managed to convince the world that they were the real Avengers, for some time. The team consisted of some of the worst foes that the Marvel heroes have faced, undercover as members of the proper Avengers.

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With the Marvel Cinematic Universe heading towards a future which may include the Dark Reign story on its horizon, it seems only fitting to explore all the members of the Dark Avengers that rose during this incredible narrative arc. These are ranked based on skill set, powers, abilities, and what they offered to the team.


Clint Barton's older brother, Trickshot, had the same training as Clint in order to become an incredibly skilled archer. He has a lot of talents, and the manipulation of his brother is just one of them. Norman Osborn faked Barney's death in order for him to join his Dark Avengers.

As part of the new incarnation of this team, Barney filled the role of Hawkeye, a mantle that has been passed through his family now. He is perhaps the weakest member of the team, but he is still a formidable opponent for the foes the team faced, with his trick arrows often utilizing the element of surprise. Trickshot definitely should not be underestimated.


The arch nemesis of Daredevil served the H.A.M.M.E.R. team during its first incarnation. The man under the mask, whose identity will always remain anonymous, also took on the Hawkeye costume and didn't do too bad a job with it. With the perfect aim and the talent to wield any object as a weapon, Bullseye was a great fit for the team.

His skills enhanced the team, but his personal problems probably weakened them as a whole, with Bullseye becoming difficult to work with and having a volatile relationship with Moonstone. His psychopathic tendencies were a useful asset, though, with Norman often getting Bullseye to complete the most merciless of tasks, including the murder of Sentry's wife.


The Matt Gargan version of Venom also served on the first formation of the Dark Avengers as Spider-Man. The symbiote aided Gargan in his crusade again Earth's mightiest heroes and also made Gargan incredibly violent and unpredictable.

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Matt was given a drug in order to keep the Venom symbiote at bay, but every now and then it would be unleashed and become far more dangerous and uncontrollable. The medication itself also makes Gargan more emotionally unstable, which is a bad combination for the team. He's dangerous but still valuable for the team overall.


Ai Apaec, the Spider God of Peru, was found by Norman Osborn in the wilderness, living a life of simple destruction and survival. Offering The Decapitator a drug that would make his body a lot more human, Osborn recruited the god onto the Dark Avengers.

He filled the role of Spider-Man with a similar black suit but a few extra limbs. He was useful for the team and helped to keep up the facade Osborn was trying to create. Later, he went on to serve in Luke Cage's Thunderbolts as a redeemed villain. His powers are vast and he was even a match for Spider-Man at one point, but he's not as powerful as some other members on this list.


The Kree teen from another dimension is perhaps one of the few people on this list that isn't actually a villain. Becoming confused by the team he was working on, Noh Varr thought he was on the side of good as he helped the first Dark Avengers team.

Noh Varr would eventually realize his mistake, eventually taking on The Protector mantle. As part of the team, he served as a cosmic link for the public to see a newer face behind the Captain Marvel name, who was genuinely good. His powers are limitless, with insect DNA giving him many enhanced abilities. Ultimately, though, he could not be trusted because of his good nature, and eventually, he left the team after he found out they were criminals.


The Greek god of war didn't have to pretend to be anyone; instead, he served as the first roster's stand-in for Hercules. The barbaric bruiser wasn't concerned with much else apart from battle, which he enjoyed very much. He carried an ax with him that was an incredibly dangerous weapon.

Despite his love for war, he wanted there to be a good purpose to his fighting. Much like Noh Varr, he genuinely believed that teaming with Osborn was the morally right thing to do. Once he found out it was all lies, he tried to kill Norman before being ripped in half by The Sentry. Ultimately, Ares was an interesting member of the team that died betraying it.


A Japenese mutant with similar abilities to Logan, it makes sense that he played the part of Wolverine. The trained assassin and member of The Hand is a skilled combatant with the ability to heal and to turn anyone to stone just by looking at them, much like the Greek myth.

He was a great ally for the second Dark Avengers team, but he was secretly plotting with Madame Hydra to overthrow the team once Norman Osborn was no longer useful to them. His costume reflects the darker nature of the team, with claws actually built-in in order to become a better impostor.


The first man to masquerade as Wolverine was Logan's son himself, Daken. A slightly better fit for the role than Gorgon, Daken had the healing abilities and the claws to match the mantle. Sporting the classic brown Wolverine suit, Daken is a member of the original Dark Avengers team.

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Much like Gorgon though, it is unclear where Daken's allegiances lie. He sided with the Dark X-Men during their battle with the Dark Avengers and had intentions of turning on Osborn, even going as far as setting up a plot to take him down. In one hallucination, he even killed Norman, believing it to be real. Daken is therefore completely untrustworthy and a dangerous teammate to have around.


One of the most powerful members on this list, Moonstone had been around Norman Osborn for many years as part of the Thunderbolts. In the first incarnation of the Dark Avengers, she portrayed Ms. Marvel, wearing the classic Carol Danvers suit.

Her allegiances were mostly to the team, although she broke the rules by having relations with both Bullseye and Noh Varr. She is an opportunist and attempted to escape as the team was falling apart, eventually being captured and joining the newer Thunderbolts. Her powers are so strong that she actually managed to beat the real Ms. Marvel during the Siege.


The Son of the Hulk was the natural choice to pretend to be his father as part of the second Dark Avengers team. While Norman and crew thought they had a loyal warrior on their hands, Skaar was actually a mole within the faction all along.

Working for the real Avengers, he was passing off intel. Once this was all found out, Skaar went to battle with the team, actually defeating a number of them and showcasing his strength and skill. He freed the captured Captain America and departed from these rogues. He's a respectable character and one with great power.


The mentally unstable and artificially enhanced Toxie Doxie has a lot in common with the Scarlet Witch and, as such, posed as her in the newer version of the Dark Avengers. She's obsessed with enhancing the human body and has consequently morphed herself, creating many advantages she can utilize in battle.

She's a powerful fighter, able to injure Doctor Strange when faced with the real Avengers, but much like other members on this list, she is a little uncontrollable. When the team is in a desperate situation, though, it's usually Toxie Doxie that is able to unexpectedly save them.


Ragnarok's history is littered with bloodshed and destruction. The cyborg clone of Thor is perhaps best known for killing Bill Foster during the Civil War storyline. He has been destroyed and rebuilt many times, with Norman Osborn having him recreated for the second Dark Avengers team.

Ragnarok was perhaps the most loyal member due to him being programmed as such. He also possesses some of the powers of Thor, making him a strong asset for the team. He eventually went on with some of the Dark Avengers to become a member of the new Thunderbolts.


Another character who has created a super identity based on her own physical alterations, Superia is a very powerful woman who has held a lot of high-ranking jobs. One of these includes the running of H.A.M.M.E.R. while Norman Osborn was in custody.

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She became another version of Ms. Marvel as Osborn recreated the Dark Avengers, serving alongside him until the team fell apart and she fled to join A.I.M. When Skaar turned on his team, Superia was the only person able to weaken him, showing just how strong she really is. She's incredibly important to the team and a powerful figure.



He's been mentioned so much on this list, so it's hard not to put him near the top! Norman Osborn was formerly the Green Goblin and then, during his Dark Reign days, he was known as the Iron Patriot. Using an old Stark suit of armor, he led the Dark Avengers to victory and defeat as the only member to serve both teams.

As the head of H.A.M.M.E.R. and a trusted individual at the time, he was the mastermind behind the whole operation. But he secretly ran it as a criminal organization designed to get revenge on all the heroes that thwarted him over the years. He is financially powerful and his position in the country makes him a threat. The armor gave him enhanced abilities, but in the end, his madness got the better of him.


The most powerful entity on this list, as well as the most unstable, is the Sentry, a forgotten golden age hero supposedly revamped for Norman's team. However, his dark persona, The Void, hides within. The two go on many mental battles against one another, with The Sentry becoming the most dangerous member of the team.

Despite his loyalty to Norman, it was the Sentry that ended up destroying the first Dark Avengers. As the Siege of Asgard all came crumbling down, the Sentry started to lose control, fighting members of any Avengers team. This fallen hero is almost limitless in his potential and was a great, if not naive, manipulated member of the team before it all went wrong.

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