Alive and Well: Jessie Garza previews 'Dead @17 #4'

So when you're the president of a fledgling new company, have a sleeper hit series on your hands and are about to wrap up the first mini-series of said property, what do you do?

Tease readers with a preview of the final issue.

Viper Comics' President Jessie Garza has provided CBR News with preview pages of "Dead @17 #4" and has also answered a few questions about the series drawing rave reviews from fans and publications such as "Wizard: The Comics Magazine." If you haven't been following the Josh Howard written and pencilled series, Garza provides a brief introduction to the chaotic events thus far.

"Josh has placed readers on the wildest roller coaster ride of their lives. With issue one not only did the main character die, but by the end she was back. And she wasn't alone, she brought back a few unwanted zombies with her. In issue #2 we begin to see the series unfold and are given a little more insight as to the characters backgrounds and discover that there is an evil conspiracy unfolding. Well issue #3 ended just like #1 and #2 a huge cliffhanger, but I don't want to give away any information just in case someone reading this hasn't had an opportunity to read it yet."

If you're one of the readers who think they have it all figured out, Garza warns you to, "Lets just say expect the unexpected."

Though February's issue #4 marks the end of this "Dead @17" installment, there are more crazy antics to come. "We'll be releasing the 2nd installment to the critically acclaimed series, 'DEAD@17: Blood of Saints' in the April 2004 (project will be solicited for pre-order in Diamond Previews February 2004)," reveals Garza. "Make sure to pre-order your copy because just like the first series they won't last long. If you thought the first series was good, just wait till the 2nd.

"We'll also be releasing the 'DEAD@17' Trade Paperback in May 2004 (will be solicited for pre-order in March 2004 Diamond Previews). In addition, we'll be releasing another Josh Howard project, 'T-Bird and Throttle' in fall 2004."

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