Alison Sampson unveils mysteries behind her 'UFOlogy' variant

Writers James Tynion IV and Noah J. Yuenkel have teamed with artist Matt Fox for UFOlogy, a six-issue miniseries debuting April 1 from BOOM! Studios. Set in the Midwest, the story centers on two teens, Becky and Malcolm, who uncover a mystery involving aliens that somehow traumatized both of their parents more than a decade ago. To mark the launch of this new series, BOOM! Studios asked artist Alison Sampson to create a Jackpot Variant, which will only be one for every 100 copies of Fox's main cover.

Sampson shared with ROBOT 6 the creative process behind her cover:

"The editors at BOOM! Studios invited me to make one of the covers for their new series by James Tynion IV, Noah J. Yuenkel and Matt Fox, UFOlogy. They asked for three or four cover roughs and I submitted four. I had Noah and James' pitch to work with and the penciled character designs from Matt. BOOM! Studios chose option 4, the one with the most possibilities, and my favorite too. Had I had to submit more roughs, they would all have been of our heroine on her bike."

"The option needed to be slightly different -- I couldn't have the reflected circle of of light from the fire reflected in the lake (for editorial reasons), and had to tweak that element of the design."

"The story for UFOlogy is strongly rooted in a place (Minnesota in the pitch), so I had a house on an island on  a lake in a wood. I'd done quite a bit of research for the roughs (there's a Minnesota landmark, the Morton Sphere, on the left, there), but in the end, I ending up drawing on my own childhood experience and adding atmosphere. To replace the strong symmetry of the proposal, I made the image more asymmetric.and tried to indicate some tension in the lines."

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