'Alison Dare' returns in new trade paperback this February

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[Alison Dare: Little Miss Adventures]This February, Oni Press will unleash Alison Dare on the world again, releasing a collected version of J. Torres & J. Bone's ALISON DARE, LITTLE MISS ADVENTURES. This new book collects the three-issue RETURN OF… miniseries and follows Alison and her pals as they're forced to deal with mischievous genies, cold-hearted jewel thieves, monstrous monocle-wearing barons, and other problems that could only be typical for the daughter of a superhero and a world famous archaeologist and her reluctant compatriots.

"Working with J. and J. is the comic equivalent of teaming with Lucy and Ricky," commented series editor James Lucas Jones. "The behind the scenes antics are a scream but they're nothing compared to what ends up on the printed page. Alison's schemes and stories drive her family and friends batty, but in the end life just wouldn't be as fun without the little scamp!"

"Torres has a definite knack for nailing how kids talk," added Oni editor in chief Jamie S. Rich. "Whether it's the teens in SIDEKICKS or the school girls in ALISON, J.'s dialogue is always spot on. J. Bone doesn't shirk his duties either! His classic cartooning just keeps getting better and better. His work on Alison and her pals made readers stand up and take notice and he's not going to let them sit down anytime soon."

With this winter's new ALISON miniseries THE HEART OF THE MAIDEN and a bevy of projects from Torres and Bone scheduled for 2002, interest in the Dare family is sure to be at an all-time high. This trade paperback gives fans of all ages a second chance to jump into the world of impish Alison, the heroic Blue Scarab, and the adventurous Dr. Dare.

"People are always talking about how comics need more young readers, but too often 'kids comics' means 'dumb-downed comics,'" Torres said. "The thing is, kids are brighter than grown-ups often give them credit for. They want smart entertainment as much as adults do. ALISON fits that bill. Sure, it's for kids, but there is a whole other layer there for adults, too."

ALISON DARE, LITTLE MISS ADVENTURES collected edition ships February 22, 2001, retails for $8.95, and is fun for all ages. It has 104 pages of black-and-white story and art with a full color cover.

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