'Aliens vs. Predator,' 'Hellboy,' 'Superman,' 'Watchmen': Comic Reel Wrap for October 27th


Variety notes that scorching hot actress Sanaa Lathan has been cast as "explorer-adventuress Lex Kline who leads an expedition to Antarctica to uncover warring alien races."


[Hellboy Action Figure]First off, Action-Figure.com has the first look at Hellboy 18" figures (in order to commemorate their 10,000th article, gratz guys). Second, Countingdown.com checked in on the Hellsite Message Boards for more updates from web-savvy director Guillermo del Toro, who noted that the first trailer of the still-being-edited film will likely be attached to Tom Cruise's "The Last Samurai," opening December 5th. Teaser posters will be in theatres in November, character banners in December, and the long-awaited Drew Struzan poster will hit the eyeballs of fans everywhere in January. The Hellsite will also get all decked out for Halloween (and del Toro advises checking it on Friday). Hellboy's fighting still will allegedly evolve through the movie, and he won't win every battle. Finally, the DVD is planned to be 2.5 disks chock full of goodies.


Thanks to reader "Egon," who emailed in to say "a friend of mine who's close with the James Cameron camp told me that production on the Battle Angel movie is going to go into production early next year. Probably January."


Brendan Fraser told USA Weekend that he's debating taking on the role of the Last Son of Krypton, but worries that he'll forever be locked into being perceived as that character. Also, Moviehole dug through the morass at About.com for this nugget from proposed director McG: "I'm a big fan of Superman, and you know, I'm discussing it with Warner Brothers, but it's still very uncertain. It's a big project and they're being very cautious, and I'm being very cautious and it's yet to be seen if it's in the cards." When asked why so many false starts, he replied, "I have no idea. I think they want to be very respectful of the crown jewel of all their franchises. It's a great character. And I think everybody who would ever be a part of that type of picture wants to get it done properly. So I don't think they're in any rush to make that picture, and I think their focus is on doing it right and, you know, maybe it'll be in the cards, maybe it won't." Grammar aside, everybody near this project is playing their cards close to the vest.


Wake the kids, call the neighbors -- Ain't It Cool News reports that Revolution Studios are picking up Alan Moore's superhero opus, adapted by David Hayter. Even more interesting is the rumor that John Cusack ("Identity," "Gross Pointe Blank") is slated to play Dan/Nite-Owl.


The prolific TV and comic book scribe will be at the LA Comic Book Sci-Fi Con in December, according to Countingdown.com. He'll be hawking the new Firefly DVD, but chances are he'll be willing to talk about his other TV and comic book projects as well. In Whedon-related news, Comics Continuum reports that "Tick" creator Ben Edlund writes the "Angel" episode for this week, "Life of the Party," and has a brief description of episodes for the next two weeks.


Yahoo! Movies tells us that John Michael Higgins ("Best in Show"), James Remar ("2 Fast 2 Furious") and Natasha Lyonne ("American Pie") have been confirmed as cast members for the blood-drenched sequel.


Of course our dear friends at Kryptonsite are keeping busy. They have a spoiler-laden description of this season's seventh episode "Magnetic," an interview with writer Mark Verheiden, and five new photos from the episode "Extinction" are available.


Filmrot.com cribbed an image from Wizard Magazine, a proposed sketch of the cinematic Lord of Latveria, everybody's favorite guy, Victor Von Doom. It's ... different ...


Superherohype.com chimes in with rumors about the web-spinning sequel, including a song by Dolores O'Riordan for the soundtrack (the Comic Reel is often written to the sounds of the Cranberries, FYI) and some idea of the backdrop for Spidey and Doc Ock's final battle.


Superherohype also takes note of a somewhat questionable and wholly unconfirmed rumor that there is a MOTU movie in the works and that hottie du jour Jennifer Garner ("Alias," "Catch Me If You Can") is up for the role of She-Ra (whereas many would believe she looks much more like Teela). Superherohype goes on to partially debunk the rumor, by noting Garner's full development slate with the "Elektra" film due during her hiatus from her ABC thriller.


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