Aliens' Ripley vs Xenomorph Queen Recreated in Cardboard & Storage Bins

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With enough talent, tenacity and duct tape you can make almost anything. Need proof? Check out the most recent edition of "Homemade Movies" courtesy of CineFix, and try not to smile at their recreation of the iconic ending battle to the movie "Aliens."

The Alien movie franchise keeps chugging along, but a defining moment from the series is Ripley, encased in a yellow power loader exosuit, and swinging wildly at an angry Queen Xenomorph, as she attempts to prevent another alien takeover. A moment of dramatic tension that is way less frightening when presented through cardboard and broken toys.

When watching the video, you forgot how intense the final moments of the 1986 film played out. It also becomes very clear that the cast and crew took their time and did their homework in recreating the scene shot for shot. If you need help remembering how the scene played out in the movie, a side-by-side video is available to assist you in comparing their work to the original.


They've also included a behind the scenes video that shows how each costume was made and how the harder to film shots were created.

(via A.V. Club)

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