Rumor: Alien TV Series Could Be in Franchise's Future

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There's good news for fans of Fox's Alien franchise as there are rumors of TV show based on Ridley Scott's fictional world in the pipeline. With the future of the films uncertain after the box office disappointment of Alien: Covenant, the studio may have found a way to continue the Alien legacy.

Scott introduced horror fans to Xenomorphs in 1979 as Alien became one the most iconic horror movies of all time. Although the various sequels/prequels have had their highs and lows, there is arguably plenty of potential attached to the Alien name.

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According to Omega Underground, Fox is considering a TV show to run alongside the six Alien movies and two Predator crossovers. Apparently, the only problem is whether the series would air on Fox's FX or be farmed out to a streaming service.

Other details are thin, but the budget suggests a series that focuses on a group of colonial marines or colonists of the doomed LV-426. James Cameron's Aliens briefly tackled both of these themes, while the maligned video game Aliens: Colonial Marines also did the same.

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An Alien TV series is reportedly only in the early stages of development, and fans shouldn't expect anything to appear in the near future. The next annual Alien day will be April 26, 2019, and with the franchise celebrating 40 years, it seems like the perfect time to make a big announcement.

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