Alien: Sigourney Weaver Visits School That Turned Movie Into Play

North Bergen High School in New Jersey grabbed headlines earlier this year for its production of Ridley Scott's Alien. That news apparently caught the eye of the Sigourney Weaver, who stars as Ripley in the film, as she paid a visit to the school during an encore performance on 4-26 -- Alien Day.

Alien's official Twitter account tweeted a video of Weaver stopping by the school to meet the play's cast, who were floored to see her walking the halls of their school. One of the students excitedly calls her a "childhood hero" before giving the star of four consecutive Alien films a hug.

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NJ State Senator Nicholas Sacco also tweeted about the visit, remarking how "unbelievable" it was. His video shows another angle of Weaver arriving and greeting the cast.

Work began on the play in late 2018. Funds came solely from generous donations and sets were constructed using recycled material. A student posted pictures from the first performance in March to Reddit and a trailer was made as well. A recording of the production is being put together by the Drama Club's teacher and should be ready by May.

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The Alien franchise is one of the properties Disney acquired from 21st Century Fox.

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