'Alien Legion: Piecemaker' from Checker BPG

Press Release

Checker Book Publishing Group has announced November 2002 publication of Alien Legion: Piecemaker (ISBN 0-9710249-4-4, $19.95, 212 pp. full-color paperback). This is Checker's second in a planned series of three collections of the crictically acclaimed Alien Legion comic which was produced by Epic Comics from 1987 to 1991.

Piecemaker picks up where Checker's previous Alien Legion collection, Force Nomad (ISBN 0-9710249-0-1, $24.95, 320 pp. full-color paperback), left off. It collects seven issues of the original series (Nos. 12-18) and features the writing talents of Chuck Dixon (Batman, Superman, several Crossgen titles)and the excellent pencil work of Larry Stroman (Tribe).

Like all Checker titles, Piecemaker can be found in November at comic shops,bookstores, or directly from Checker at http://www.checkerbpg.com.

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