Dark Horse Collects its Earliest Aliens Comics in Essential Vol. 1

April 26 also happens to be "Alien Day" -- at least according to 20th Century Fox, who has used the date the past three years as a promotional event for its Alien film and multimedia franchise, drawing inspiration from LV-426, the moon where Aliens is set. Of course, Aliens has a 30-year history in comic books, and this Alien Day, CBR has word on how longtime license-holder Dark Horse Comics plans to commemorate the occasion.

Dark Horse's earliest Aliens comics -- the trilogy of "Outbreak," "Nightmare Asylum" and "Earth War" -- will be collected in one book, titled Aliens Essential Comics Volume 1 and scheduled for release on Oct. 24. The collection will feature 368 pages of stories written by Mark Verheiden and illustrated by Mark A. Nelson, Den Beauvais and Sam Kieth, with a cover price of $24.99.

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Here's the official description from Dark Horse: "Aliens Essential Comics Volume 1 collects the first Dark Horse Comics Aliens trilogy -- "Outbreak," "Nightmare Asylum" and "Earth War," which follows Hicks and Newt -- and eventually Ripley -- as they join forces to battle an infestation of Aliens. Written by Mark Verheiden (The Mask, Timecop, Battlestar Galactica, Daredevil), and beautifully illustrated by Mark A. Nelson, Den Beauvais, and Sam Kieth, these are the essential Aliens comics that have stood the test of time . . . and kept readers awake at night!"

The comics included in Aliens Essential Comics Volume 1 were originally published between 1988 to 1990. Dark Horse promises that further Aliens Essentials collections (it's called "Volume 1" for a reason) along with Predator Essentials collections are scheduled for 2019.

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