Alien: Blackout Brings Intergalactic Horror to Your Phone in New Trailer

Xenomorph in Alien: Covenant

Fans of the Alien franchise will soon be able to battle cosmic horrors in video game form once again. A trailer for the new Alien mobile game Alien: Blackout has been released on D3's YouTube Channel. Like any good Alien game, it reminds viewers there's plenty to fear in space.

As the trailer opens, a small caption appears on the all-black screen -- "Mendel Station, Time to Blackout: 8 Minutes" -- before the sound of panicked breathing is heard. The screen then cuts to a first person perspective of the station, as the character looks around with only a flashlight to see her surroundings.

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The character then looks at a digital map, showing where she is, before a bone-chilling "Oh, no" escapes her lips and a red dot appears on the map, heading right for her. Another sound is heard before she turns around to see an ominous shadow at the end of the hall appear. After the camera cuts to black, the sound of a Xenomorph scream is heard, just as the game's title logo appears.

A synopsis in the video description explains that, in the game, players must guide Amanda Ripley's crew through a crippled space station occupied by a Xenomorph that begins hunting them. The crew will be equipped with only using the station's emergency systems to help them.

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Despite its short length, the trailer still manages to capture the essence of the original Alien film, with a group of people trapped in space battling a bloodthirsty monster from beyond the stars. Much like the trailer for the classic film, the iconic monster itself isn't shown, but players will be able to feel the Xenomorph's presence as it hunts down its victims, bringing with it a familiar sense of dread.

Alien: Blackout is set to be released on January 24th.

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