"Alien" and "Total Recall" screenwriter Ron Shusset debuts "Shark-Man" in "A1"

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When they stand in judgment, what separates the hero from the madman? Maybe it's not just their actions that should define how we perceive them but also their dreams.

Alan Gaskill is a brilliant man. Driven by forces from his childhood, he single-mindedly set out to create a utopia, a city that would stand as a testament to all man could be and should be. Nothing could stop him, with a determination that would make his father proud, he became the architect for the greatest city of all time.

NEW VENICE CITY, the most beautiful city ever built, a combination of New York City and Venice, Italy. The size of Manhattan this man-made island is anchored off the coast of California. There are no cars in New Venice: gondolas and jet-skis run up and down giant canals running throughout it larger and more numerous than those in its namesake, with giant towers that reach from the ocean floor to the clouds above. A great wall surrounds the city, protecting it from the elements. Elements both natural and man made.

When a man sets out on a journey or undertaking such as this, he must always be careful of those who join his quest. He must be weary of their motives. For if they see in his dream something for them, something that shares its path to a fork in the road, and then follow that other path when they reach it, dreams can be come nightmares. When the quest is all consuming, and the man is only too happy to have those wishing to seemingly lighten his load, he can unwittingly make a deal with the Devil.

Alan Gaskill has realized this all too late. His city is on the edge of financial disaster and there are elements abroad that wish to see his city become something quite different. Now Alan must put his efforts into saving his dream. To do that he must become that which he never thought he would ever have to. He must become his city¹s protector, fighting on two battlefields, the jungle of the boardroom and the very streets of his Eden.

He has lived his entire life for this city, Alan will not see it die. The SHARK-MAN will see to that.

SHARK-MAN is the brainchild of producer/writer Ronald Shusset. Ronald has been responsible for such dark science fiction films as ALIEN, TOTAL RECALL, and MINORITY REPORT. Now he teams with artist Steve Pugh (ANIMAL MAN, SUPERMAN VERSUS TERMINATOR, EARTH X, JUDGE DREDD and 20/20) to bring yet another fantastic world alive.

Their story in A1 #0 introduces the world of SHARK-MAN and prepares us for the Shark-Man series that will run in the first series of A1 later this year.

Three preview pages of SHARK-MAN featuring the senses-staggering art of Steve Pugh can be see at the Atomeka site at:

Shark-Man joins other features from Alan Moore, Steve Parkhouse, Dave Gibbons, Ted McKeever, and Steve Dillon in A1 BIG ISSUE ZERO, shipping this July from Atomeka. A1 will have 48 pages at $4.99 and is currently featured on page 231 of the PREVIEWS catalog.

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