Alien Celebrates 40 Years With Six All-New Anniversary Shorts

Reliving the iconic motto of "In space, no one can hear you scream," 20th Century Fox is bringing a series of shorts to life in celebration of Alien's 40th anniversary.

Known for its iconic death scenes and atmospheric terror, Alien changed the landscape of horror with Ridley Scott's first movie in 1979. Since then, there's been the Sigourney Weaver-led main series, a crossover franchise with the Predator movies, Scott's prequel timeline from Prometheus and plenty of other comic book and video game tie-ins. Now, the world of Alien will get a new lease on life in six short movies

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The video reveals what fans can expect from the shorts. Promising stories "from a new generation of storytellers," there's all the jump scares and terrified humans that audiences have come to expect from the Alien franchise. Celebrating 40 years of Xenomorphs, Fox has partnered with Tongal for the feat of fear.

The project's press release reads, "From the first heart-racing Chestburster scene to the last horrifying Xenomorph attack, ALIEN has terrified audiences around the world for decades, building a loyal fanbase with its unforgettable moments of jump-scare suspense, acid-bleeding Aliens, and strong female heroines."

Over 550 pitches were entered, with just six making it to the final cut. All sound suitably scary and like they could've been pulled directly from Alien canon. ALIEN: Alone focuses on an abandoned crew member named Hope, who discovers a hidden cargo that threatens her very existence, while ALIEN: Containment tracks four survivors trapped on an escape pod in the depths of space as they try to trust each other.

Up next, ALIEN: Harvest follows the crew of a damaged space harvester that has minutes to reach safety, with only a crude navigational tool, as ALIEN: Night Shift hones in on a disoriented trucker whose condition worsens as the evening goes on. ALIEN: Ore has a hard-working miner longing for a better life while he examines the suspicious death of a co-worker, and finally, ALIEN: Specimen follows a botanist who tries to contain a suspect soil sample as her lab dog starts to go crazy.

There isn't long to wait, as the shorts will start screening on March 15. The first four will premiere at an exclusive fan screening during Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, followed by Chicago's C2E2 on March 23. The final two will air for a select audience at WonderCon on Saturday, March 30. Following their debut, the shorts will be rolled out weekly on IGN beginning March 29. Finally, the official @AlienAnthology social channels and AlienUniverse.com will show the shorts (with exclusive content) starting May 3.

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While the long-running sci-fi franchise is currently stuck in theatrical limbo thanks to the box office disappointment of Alien: Covenant, the world that Scott created in 1979 will reportedly continue in an R-rated animation, a Hulu series from Scott, and a third mystery project from Fox that's in pre-production.

Either way, the latest venture proves there's plenty more mythology from the Weyland-Yutani Corporation and stories to tell beyond Ripley and the Nostromo.

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