Alien 3: Michael Biehn to Star in Audio Drama Based on Unused Script

Michael Biehn is returning to the Aliens universe, even though he won't be appearing on-screen again.

Produced by Audible in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Alien series, Biehn will return in an audio drama based on the original (and ultimately unused) screenplay for Alien 3.

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The script was written by William Gibson (Neuromancer), the author typically considered the creator of cyberpunk. Although the script was dropped by Fox, it eventually was leaked online and became a cult favorite.

More recently, Dark Horse Comics officially adapted Gibson's script in comic book form as William Gibson's Alien 3, which featured art from John Christmas.

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Award-winning director Dirk Maggs will helm the adaptation, and will feature Michael Biehn returning to the part of Hicks. Hicks actually takes center stage in the narrative, which may have played a part in bringing Biehn back to the part.

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Set in the wake of Aliens, the action-oriented script centers around the survivors of Aliens (Ripley, Hicks, Newt and Bishop) who are aboard the Sulaco. When the ship is discovered by a human civilization, a Face-Hugger manages to infect one of their soldiers exploring the ship. Quickly, another outbreak of the aliens in the new setting. While Ripley spends much of the story in a coma, it's up to Hicks to combat the xenomorphs.

The audio drama adaptation of Alien 3 will become available May 30.

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