Alice Eve on 'Star Trek Into Darkness,' Carol Marcus & That Controversial Scene

Alice Eve may be best remembered from Star Trek Into Darkness for stripping to her underwear, but it seems to bother her less than it does the film’s critics.

At a press event commemorating the Blu-ray release of J.J. Abrams’ sequel, as well as the 10-film Star Trek: Stardate Collection, Eve spoke with Spinoff Online about the controversial scene, insisting the kerfuffle wasn’t worthy of the defense that sprang from the media on her behalf.

“Yes,” Eve said when asked whether the issue was perhaps not as big as it was made out to be. “I was there, after all. I mean, I was there, so I was part of it.”

In Star Trek Into Darkness, Eve plays Dr. Carol Marcus, one of the few women who famously tamed Captain James T. Kirk’s heart. Although the two of them share only a few moments of flirting – including the aforementioned scene where Marcus drops trou – Eve said the most important thing for her was showing the character’s full dimensionality, especially if she reappears in future films as a love interest and bona fide crew member of the Enterprise.

When asked what quality in Marcus she thought it was essential to communicate to audiences, Eve explained, “I think the fact that she’s a human being and a female in all senses – the underwear scene included. She has a lot of attributes.”

Eve also suggested it’s possible some of the criticism of Star Trek Into Darkness arose from the fact that the film attempted to highlight her physical attractiveness even as it tried to pair that with her education and intelligence.

“I think that maybe was a source of concern or frustration, that she both wore her underwear and had a PhD,” she said. “But unfortunately, she has to wear underwear.”

Star Trek Into Darkness and the Star Trek: Stardate Collection are on sale now.

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