Alias to Release Mike S. Miller's "Deal With The Devil"

Official Press Release

Veteran comic book artist Mike S. Miller is known for many things in the comic book industry – his excellent work on books like THE HEDGE KNIGHT, X-MAN, JLA, ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, and SAVAGE DRAGON, his bold creator-owned projects like IMMORTAL II and THE IMAGINARIES, and his leadership in companies like Dabel Brothers Production (where he served as art director) and Alias Comics (where he serves as Executive Director).

But with the release of his latest book, DEAL WITH THE DEVIL, Mike Miller is also becoming known as an excellent writer.

Originally published as a five-part black and white serial comic in the back of the COMIC BOOK DIGEST magazine, DEAL WITH THE DEVIL is the story of retired FBI agent Anthony Goodwin who receives an unexpected visit from "the one that got away" – a man known as the "Red Letter Killer" who destroyed agent Goodwin's leg and vanished years before. But things have changed, and Goodwin's worst enemy needs his help to stop a copycat killer who has kidnapped his sister in an attempt to bring the original killer under his control.

"One of the best things about DEAL WITH THE DEVIL is that you never know what's going to happen next," said Miller. "It's full of twists and turns, with a lot of suspense, and the ending came as a surprise to everyone involved in the project. I'm a huge fan of films like RED DRAGON, SE7EN and KISS THE GIRLS, and I wanted DEAL WITH THE DEVIL to be every bit as compelling and surprising."

The story features pencils and inks from Sherwin Schwartzrock (CHOSEN MORTALS, LUTHER, TRUEWELL'S ANOINTED), and the new Alias edition will feature colors by David Curiel. DEAL WITH THE DEVIL #1 will be released in April, 2005 at the cover price of 75 cents.

"If you missed this book the first time – and unless you're a subscriber to the COMIC BOOK DIGEST, you probably did – take this second chance to check it out," said Miller. "The first issue may only cost a few quarters, but it's one of those titles you'll be glad you decided to try."

DEAL WITH THE DEVIL is being published through Alias Comics and is available through Diamond Distributors, Order Code FEB052480.

For a seven-page color preview of the book, please visit http://www.aliasenterprises.com/dwtd.html.

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