Alias to Release Lynx Studios' "Leathal Instinct"

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The Brazilian team known as Lynx Studios has made quite a splash on the comic book scene over the last year, coloring such books as G.I. JOE VS TRANSFORMERS and THE HEDGE KNIGHT and penciling titles like VICTORY, LEGACY and IMPERIAL DRAGONS.

But their first original American title, LETHAL INSTINCT, may quickly become known as one of their crowning achievements.

LETHAL INSTINCT is the story of a police officer who has the unfortunate burden of being a werewolf – a secret condition he can barely contain and rarely control. As the story begins, the officer finds himself investigating a savage mauling at the estate of one of the city's wealthiest families. Unfortunately, he also remembers that the night before, under the control of his more feral side, he attacked a group of innocent people. But what seems like an open-and-shut case becomes more complicated as he finds that there are other beast-men in town, and at least one of them seems to know his secret.

"I wanted to create a story where the main character was forced to fight with his abilities," said Romulo Soares, creator of the story and Manager of Lynx Studio. "We've done stories involving werewolves in the past, but they were always horror stories. It was time to do something different."

LETHAL INSTINCT is an ongoing series that will begin with a six-issue story arc. Soares hinted that a second story arc is planned to follow the final issue's shocking conclusion.

"One of the challenges of bringing LETHAL INSTINCT to the American market is smoothing out the translation," said Sean J. Jordan, Managing Editor for Alias Comics. "Fortunately, we've assigned Mike S. Miller to the task, and he's done a great job of injecting the dialogue with some character. Mike's been earning a lot of attention for his recent work as a writer on DEAL WITH THE DEVIL, and his touch can definitely be felt in LETHAL INSTINCT's characters."

LETHAL INSTINCT #1 will be available in April at a cover price of 75 cents as part of Alias Comics's "20-year rollback" pricing promotion. It will be distributed through Diamond Distributors, order code FEB052483c .

A full color preview of LETHAL INSTINCT can be found at http://www.aliasenterprises.com/lethal.html

More information about Lynx Studios can be found at http://www.lynx-studio.com

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