Alias To Publish "Sixgun Samural" This March

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The idea of fusing the Wild West with the martial arts is not a new

idea, to be certain; since THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN retold the story of

Akira Kurosawa's THE SEVEN SAMURAI, the West and the East have come

together several times to produce some excellent stories.

But none of them have been quite like SIXGUN SAMURAI.

The setup is simple – a young boy raised in a Wild West Show in the

late 1800s sets out to find his last living relative. His mother was

a sharpshooter who taught him everything there is to know about

shooting. And his mentor was a samurai living in exile who traveled

with the show as an animal caretaker.

"The title's a little quirky, I know," laughed Sean J. Jordan,

writer for SIXGUN SAMURAI. "But in the context of the story, it does

make sense. The Sixgun Samurai is like a lot of kids who have grown

up in a traveling show – he has an odd assortment of skills that

he's picked up from the people he's known. That his skills allow him

to be doubly deadly makes him interesting, but what really drives

him is the fact that he's searching for his father, who abandoned

him and his mother when he was still a baby."

"Of course, there's a lot more to the story than that," hinted

Jordan. "SIXGUN SAMURAI has quite a few fun little plot twists, and

the script's designed to keep the reader guessing what will happen


As the bonus comic on the flip side of the March edition of the

COMIC BOOK DIGEST magazine, SIXGUN SAMURAI will come at the bargain

price of $1.95. The magazine also includes over a hundred pages of

articles, interviews, and previews of upcoming books from a variety

of studios. Past issues of the COMIC BOOK DIGEST have included

previews of such fan favorites as HUNTER KILLER, KILLZONE, THE


"The COMIC BOOK DIGEST, in my mind, is one of the best values out

there for comic book fans," said Jordan. "And I'm not just saying

that because I'm on staff as an editor and a regular contributor to

the magazine. One of the things that attracted me to working with

the crew at the CBD in the first place was their ambition – they

wanted to develop a magazine that could help smaller studios and

creators promote their books in a unique way."

"Readers who pick up the COMIC BOOK DIGEST aren't just hearing about

upcoming titles and looking at some character pinups – they're

getting a chance to sample titles they might not have otherwise

picked up off the shelf. Plus, they're getting a full-blown 22-page

comic on the back side. The price? Just under 2 bucks, which is

half of what you'd pay for a single issue of most comics."

"And trust me when I say that I think readers will feel that SIXGUN

SAMURAI is worth the price of admission alone."

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