Alias Enterprises Signs "The Legend of Isis"

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February 4, 2005 - The hottest new publisher on the scene, AliasEnterprises, has just acquired the rights to Blue Water Productions'long anticipated comic book series, THE LEGEND OF ISIS - also soon to bea major motion picture!

Created by Darren G. Davis ("Tenth Muse"), and written by Ryan ScottOttney, THE LEGEND OF ISIS is the story of the would-be Egyptian Goddesswho never fulfilled her historic destiny, as Isis is magically exiledfrom her own time, into modern day Los Angeles. Now lost out of time,she uses her goddess powers to protect our world from the same evilsthat have stolen her from her home.

"I miss the fun in comics," said Ottney. "I think sometimes we get socaught up in the battle to prove the industry as a legitimate form ofart and literature (and it is - regardless of what your art teachersays) that we tend to forget about the fun. I try to bring that back inmy stories and THE LEGEND OF ISIS specifically; mixing modern dayrealism with a little Silver Age fun. Sure, I want the reader toidentify with the characters on some deeper level, and be able toconnect with what's going on . but every now and then I promise to makeyou smile too."

Alias isn't the only one interested in this story either. In Septemberof 2004, mega-Hollywood giant, Paramount Studios optioned the propertyfor film with Grammnet Productions, who have acquired an amazingtreatment by scribe Ali Russell and Brooklyn Weaver of EnergyEntertainment, with film and television potential.

Russell recently sat down to discuss the upcoming film with JazmaOnline; found athttp://www.jazmaonline.com/interviews/interviews.asp?intID=133. In theinterview, Russell talks more about adapting the comic to film, as wellas her other upcoming film projects, including another Blue WaterProductions character, THE TENTH MUSE.

But before we see her on the big screen, Isis makes her explosive returnto comics in a one-shot graphic novel titled, THE LEGEND OF ISIS:BEGINNINGS, featured in the March issue of Diamond Comics' Previewscatalog. Featuring stories by Davis, Ottney, and Marv Wolfman, with artby RV Valdez, Roger Cruz, Ferdinand Gertes, and Frank Mills; alsosporting a special cover by artist Randy Green ("Witchblade")!

BEGINNINGS is a prequel collection; republishing Isis' first appearancein 2002's IMAGE INTRODUCES: THE LEGEND OF ISIS, and then offering anall-new 22-page feature that fills in the time-gap between the end ofher debut issue and her second appearance - fighting alongside theTenth Muse in TENTH MUSE (vol. 1) #10 . also included in this graphicnovel!

How did she get from Los Angeles to San Francisco, and why did she seekout the Muse? BEGINNINGS answers those questions and more, as it setsthe scene for Isis to star in her own ongoing series.

And fans won't have to wait long for that ongoing series to begin,either! You can find THE LEGEND OF ISIS #1 also featured in the Marchissue of Previews, kicking off the start of her all-new, monthly, soloseries! Written by Ottney, and featuring artwork by Rod Fontana, THELEGEND OF ISIS #1 expands the Isis universe, introducing new friends andvillains! Witness the birth of her all-new secret identity, and hermuseum-wrecking brawl with the deadly mummy of Sekhent!

"The first four-issue story-arc is an introduction to the characters,their relationships, and the conflicts that they're all strugglingwith," said writer, Ottney. "In addition to that, Isis is fightinganother ancient warrior named Lynx . trying to stop her from destroyingour society, while she unravels clues to Lynx's true identity."

This debut issue features three variant covers, by ISIS artist RodFontana, along with artists Logan Lubera ("Spider-Man"), and ToneRodriguez ("Violent Messiahs")! Special edition copies, signed byOttney, will also be available!

Both THE LEGEND OF ISIS #1 and BEGINNINGS will reach comic shops in May2005!

For more information on THE LEGEND OF ISIS, and other great comics,visit Blue Water Productions online, at http://www.bluewaterprod.com,and Alias Enterprises at http://www.aliasenterprises.com.

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