Alias Comics & Victoria's (not-so) Secret Service

Official Press Release

April, 2006 (San Diego, CA) – Alias Comics and Blue Water Productions released the debut issue of their newest collaborative-series, VICTORIA'S SECRET SERVICE, in March 2006, and both are excited to report that the issue has already completely sold-out from the distributor after only weeks on the shelves!

From the fan-favorite creative team of Nadir Balan and Terrance Griep (Judo Girl), VICTORIA'S SECRET SERVICE follows the adventures of a team of girls – Scarlet, Raven, Lark, and Brooke – who serve in protection of the Queen of England in a clandestine operation established in the 19th century, and was named one of Wizard Magazine's Top 11 Indy Books to Watch!

"The buzz around this book has been phenomenal," says creator, and Blue Water Productions' Managing Editor, Darren G. Davis. "Numbers from our special 75-cent preview issue were incredibly high, and this latest sell-out just proves that readers are running for the shops for their chance to find one. It's the greatest compliment any comic creator could be given!"

Indeed with the success of VICTORIA'S SECRET SERVICE, Davis and Blue Water Productions have already optioned the rights for film and toy franchises.

With issue one already sold-out, readers are encouraged to place their orders now for VICTORIA'S SERCRET SERVICE #2.


Written by Terrance Griep, with artwork by Nadir Balan

Scarlet (Victoria Secret Service's newest member) takes on her first mission--to guard Great Britain's least-favorite royal, the prodigal Prince Garson, from a terrorist attack. Disguised as a cocktail waitress, the team must secretly prevent the flirty, teenaged prince from being kidnapped during a masquerade. The camouflaged international terrorists at work the girls can handle--it's teaming up that's a problem! Brooke, Lark, and Raven distrust their newest member--not because she's a cat burglar working a plea bargain, but because she's an American! Brought to you by writer Terrance Griep and artist Nadir Balan, the creative team of Alias' sellout smash, Judo Girl!

-- 24-pages, full-color monthly series -- $3.50 (order code: APR062859)

VICTORIA'S SECRET SERVICE #2 is available for ordering now in the April 2006 issue of Diamond Comics' PREVIEWS catalog for a June 2006 release!

"It's a solid start," said Davis. "It's the kind of thing that really energizes a creative team and makes us work that much harder to bring our A-game to every issue, and we hope that readers will continue to show support for VICTORIA'S SECRET SERVICE, as well as Blue Water and Alias Comics in general."

For more information on VICTORIA'S SECRET SERVICE and other great Alias Comics titles, be sure you visit your local comic shop, and visit Alias Comics online at http://www.aliascomics.net!

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