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San Diego, California – As the rainy days of spring clear away, Alias Comics has a ray of sunshine beaming into comic shops everywhere as they announce their May 2006 line- up, including the continuing adventures of HYPER-ACTIVES, and the debut of Blue Water Studios' new series: THE BLACKBEARD LEGACY!As if that weren't enough, how about six-issues for the price of one? This month Alias Comics offers 160- pages of ARMORQUEST, collecting issues #1-6 to readers for an unimaginable price of only $3.50!

"I hope people pick up this trade paperback because they want to be entertained by a good story, but for a measly $3.50 everyone can read the core 160- page ArmorQuest story. So if people buy this comic because it's ridiculously cheap, then that's fine with me as well," quips artist Sherwin Schwartzrock.

Joining the excitement, following a sell-out first issue and concluding its first story-arc, HYPER-ACTIVES #4 hits stands in May, featuring a superhero battle the likes of which fans have not seen in years!

"Alias has been an incredible company to make my debut with," said Hyper-Actives writer, Darin Wagner. "While the first three issues were fun and rather tongue-in-cheek, this last issue takes on a more serious tone and is a harbinger of things to come for the spoiled superheroes that make up the bulk of the team."

HYPER-ACTIVES #4 is the final issue in the books first limited series, shipping in May 2006 with 24- pages of full-color action for only $3.50!

Also debuting this month is the latest new series from Blue Water Studios; THE BLACKBEARD LEGACY, with story by Darren Davis & Scott Davis and art by Mike Maydak.

"Writing the Blackbeard books is a challenge-but a fun challenge," said series co-writer Scott Davis. "You try to avoid all the clichés from every pirate story ever written, but at its core it's still a pirate adventure. [Artist] Mike Maydak has such a unique eye that the story can move beyond comparisons to recent movies or classic Robert Louis Stevenson yarns."

Here's a look at what Alias has to offer readers in May 2006:


Written by Darin Wagner, with art by Clint Hilinski and Andrew Dalhouse

This is it! The fourth and final issue of the Hyper- Actives' first limited series comes to an implosive conclusion as the young team takes on their mentor, Alphaman! What set this off? Would Alphaman hit his own kids? Would the spoiled media darlings of the team have a chance against the Planet's Most Powerful Person? Will it be captured on film for all time? It's 32 pages of teeth corroding, blood pumping nuclear brain damage!!! Stay tuned! Stay HYPER!! Don't miss the controversial new series that set the internet message boards on fire!! Art by rising phenom Clint Hilinski. And written by new sensation Darin Wagner.

-- 24-pages, full-color, limited monthly series -- $3.50

ARMORQUEST (trade paperback)

Written by Ben Avery, with artwork by Sherwin Schwartzrock

Get the whole six-issue, 160-page trade paperback for the price of a single comic book! It has been many years since the Emperor drove the dragons north. Many years since the minions of the Dragon Prince required tributes from the humans. But times are changing. The dragons are growing bolder, brasher, more aggressive -- and in their path lies the home of a young boy named Timothy. Leaving everything he holds dear, Timothy embarks upon a quest; A quest to travel south and join the ranks of the Emperor's Knights of the Way with nothing but a sword, a pair of allies, and a hope to one day return home as a hero. High fantasy, action and adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Collects the entire six issue mini-series by Ben Avery (Lullaby, The Hedge Knight) and Sherwin Schwartzrock (Deal with the Devil).

-- 160-pages, black & white, trade paperback -- $3.50!!!

JUDO GIRL #2 (vol 2) Written by Johnny Lowe, with art by Alex Julian, and cover by Joey Mason

Former bad guy Lincoln Stanley, aka Hep Cat, wants to take up where he left off with Judo Girl back in the swinging 60s, but Diana begins to have second thoughts about his motives. And sexy assassin Silencer's new modus operandi seems to be all over the map - what is she up to, and why? Check out the action in the new Judo Girl #2!

-- 24-pages, full-color, four-issue limited monthly series -- $3.50


Written by Darren G. Davis & Scott Davis, with art by Mike Maydak, and special Traci Bingham alternate photo cover

Baywatch's Traci Bingham comes to comics. In 1723 corsairs, privateers and pirates still ruled the seas and the veritable king of the pirates was the notorious Blackbeard... until the world found out he had a daughter. A death bed confession sets Hanna on a worldwide quest to find her father...and kill him. Inspired by Baywatch's Traci Bingham (Baywatch and the Host of the 2005 Lingerie Bowl!), swashbuckling has never been so sexy! Nor so dangerous.This new exciting mini-series follows the exploits of Hanna, her sea dog compratriots in her quest for gold, adventure and her fathers head on a stick.

-- 24-pages, full-color -- $3.50


Written by Scott Davis, with art by Alex Sunder

To tempt the Fates is one thing. To out and out steal from them is sheer lunacy. Yet Orion must pit his destiny against some of the fiercest and most dangerous forces Olympus has to offer. As he peels away another veil of the gods' deceit, Orion is forced to walk the precipice between myth and mystery only to find himself at the very mouth of Hades. This is the third gripping installment an exciting 4 book mini-series

-- 24-pages, full-color, four-issue mini-series -- $3.50


Written by Art Thibert, Richard Birdsall & Pamela Thibert, with art by Art Thibert and Chris Chua

It's the start of a new assignment for Team 9.2 in Chrono Mechanics Silver, and it's a doozy! When a malfunctioning Reality Distribution Plant has every timeline in history looking like the modern art section of a museum, Chrono, Inc. rescinds the much-needed vacations of Doug, Oot, Zyn, and Caravaggio. And if losing out on their vacations weren't bad enough, our Mechanics must endure a death defying trip through a swirling vortex time anomaly; match wits with a Temporal Transmitting Tower that has a mind of its own; make a hazardous journey to the center of the Earth; and battle a sinister presence set on making sure the Mechanics do not complete their assignments. Are these intrepid Mechanics in over their heads? Find out!!

-- 26-pages, full-color -- $3.50

LEGACY POCKET MANGA (offered again)

Written by Sean Jordan & Carmen Treffiletti, with art by Edu Francisco

Zelandria is a patchwork world of magical lands and technologically laden cities, where age-old myths collide with futuristic wonders, and mystical creatures dwell among ordinary men. A place where power is contingent on nobility and feudalistic hierarchies govern widespread provinces. It is here where the seeds of legend are sown and the paths of heroes are paved. It is here where a Legacy will be born.

-- 116-pages, full color, trade paperback (collecting issues 1-4) -- $9.99

SOULCATCHER (offered again)

Jason Henderson, Lou Manna, Terry Pallot, Leslie Barkley, Ed Dukeshire

>From the creator of SWORD OF DRACULA, SOULCATCHER tells the story of a young, smart and sexy widow who comes to New Orleans, the "the most haunted city in America," in search of the ghost of her dead husband. Instead she discovers she has the power to absorb the abilities of the recently dead-and uncovers a mystery the spirit world will kill to protect.

-- 64-pages, full-color graphic novel -- $4.99

For more information on these and other great Alias titles, please visit your local comic book shop, or simply visit Alias online at http://www.aliasc omics.net!

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