Alias Comics Announces Reorganization

Official Press Release

San Diego, California (November 8, 2005) - In reaction to the lateness andthe continued mishandling of certain financial responsibilities, AliasPublisher, Brett Burner, has effectively bought out the partners responsiblefor these setbacks to instead assume all accounting and production dutiesinternally. In doing so, Alias has gained fundamental control over financialconcerns and will now work more efficiently to see a quick turnaround ofpublishing responsibilities. Additionally, certain editorial changes havebeen made which are designed to lessen production costs, thereby increasingthe profit potential of each Alias title.


"The problem was that these individuals were acting on their own judgment,making crucial decisions irregardless of our input," said Burner. "We arenot, however, looking for a scapegoat. Alias assumes complete responsibilityfor the late shipping of books which over the past few months has affectedthe trust of our readership and retailers. Once we recognized the problem,we immediately began a process of removing those responsible, as well aspruning projects that were a financial drain, either by alteration orelimination, which has sadly resulted in the loss of some of our titles;though no studio has moved on without being offered the option to stay undermore equitable terms. Unfortunately, these steps take time and require adegree of silence- which to some can be, and has been, misinterpreted asnon-action on our part. We apologize for that confusion, and we hope thatfans will now understand the situation we were placed in, and why thingshappened the way they did."


Burner hastened to add as well that he still maintains a good relationshipwith his former partners.

While a few creators have parted from the Alias line, the majority haschosen to stay the course, demonstrating their unyielding faith and supportfor the publisher.

"I have worked with two other publishers - both of which ended up being veryunsatisfactory experiences. Because of this, I planned to release SUPERTEEN*TOPIA on my own. But after talking to Alias, their enthusiasm for theproject won me over. To date my experience with Alias has been great and, tobe very honest, my editor and I have very high expectations in regards towhat we consider 'professional behavior'. I think SUPER TEEN*TOPIA has founda great home at Alias," said Alias creator, Kirk Kushin ("SuperTeen*Topia").


Alias writer, Ryan Scott Ottney ("The Legend of Isis"), has been hired asAlias' Communications Coordinator to prepare all internal and externalcommunications, as well as media relations and other matters ofcommunications.

The Communications Coordinator is an administrative position, designed tokeep the media and the readers informed on current Alias updates.

"We want people to know about all the great things we're doing," saidOttney, "but also in the event of any mishap-even as small as a lateshipping book-you're going to hear about that, too. We can't expect peopleto buy our books if they can't trust us. We've lost some readers because ofthat already, but we believe we can win them back."

These new changes are only the first in a series of major announcements soonto be released by Alias Comics in the coming weeks and months designed toestablish a new direction and a renewed chance at success.

Mike S. Miller, Executive Director and partner, chimed in with this, "It hasbeen difficult enduring the public speculation about Alias withoutcorrecting the matter, but it has been worth it as we've finally gottenAlias back on track and are heading in the direction we should have beengoing all along. I think patience has paid off better than any amount ofbickering ever would have, and that's an important lesson learned from allof this."

It's also extremely important to note that with this move by Burner, Aliashas reached another milestone: that of financial independence. Alias Comicsis now running completely on generated income, a feat most of the failedcomic publishers to whom Alias has so often been compared have never managedto accomplish.

"Is Alias going anywhere?" asked Miller. "Yes, second star to the right,and straight on 'till morning!"

For more information on Alias Comics, please visit them online athttp://www.aliasenterprises.com!

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