Alias Comics and Astounding Studios ready "Valkyries #1" for print this March!

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Official Press Release

(San Diego, CA) – Coming this March, Alias Comics and Astounding Studios bring you a new kind of warrior, with VALKYRIES #1, by writer Kevin Grevioux and artist Leonel Castellani.

VALKYRIES is an all-new limited series about a young Valkyrie who doesn't exactly follow "Odinian protocol" when it comes to choosing warriors to enter Valhalla, the Viking heaven.

Typically in Viking lore, only the strong and the brave are allowed into Valhalla's hallowed halls. However, a young Valkyrie named Keldegarde, has a compassion for the least likely individuals to enter the Norse afterlife. She chooses people who are sick and infirmed, and not necessarily the brave and the bold. This attitude and behavior doesn't sit too well with neither her fellow Valkyries, nor the absolute ruler of Asgard, King Odin himself. Odin knows that if Valhalla is filled with unworthy warriors the gods will be poorly prepared when Ragnarok comes and the forces of evil attack. This can't happen if Asgard is to survive.

"Keldegarde is basically the "pariah" of the Valkyries. Here she is a member of a very war-like culture who judges people based on how well they fight and die, and she's advocating compassion and honor on a level they've never seen before." said Grevioux. "It makes for really good conflict. She's even been known to bring a few dying animals to Valhalla as well." Grevioux also comments that the story will have a lot of cool elements to it that really make for a fantastic Disney-like epic. It has love, war, death, triumph and disaster. That coupled with familiar Norse characters such as Thor, Loki, Hela and Baldur, Grevioux says, "It should be a fun ride!"

Here's how the publisher describes the issue:


Written by Kevin Grevioux, with art by Leonel Castellani, Eduardo Lemos, Mauro Vargas, and Javier Tartaglia

From Actor/Screenwriter, andCreator/star of UNDERWORLD, Kevin Grevioux!

Keldegarde, a young Valkyrie, finds the heroic in the most unusual places. When she returns to Valhalla with her latest warrior, she unwittingly starts a chain of events that will change the face of Norse mythology forever. The adventure of a lifetime begins here!

-- 32-pages, full color limited quarterly series, $3.50

In addition to the usual pantheon of Norse characters - Odin, Baldur, Loki, Thor, etc. – Grevioux plans to introduce a few new characters to the mythos.

VALKYRIES #1 (order code: JAN062808) is 32-pages of full color action for only $3.50 Even though it's available in March, you can still order your copy today at your local comic book shop!

For more information on VALKYRIES visit Alias Comics on the web at http://www.aliascomics.net or Astounding Studios at http://www.astoundingstudios.com – or visit your local comic book shop!

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