Alfred Destroys Classic Batman Trophy in Justice League #8

Things get unexpectedly topical in Bryan Hitch, Neil Edwards, Daniel Henriques, Tony Avina's "Justice League" #8 as the creative team introduces a new threat to DC Comics' greatest heroes that could prove more disastrous than the forces of Darkseid and Steppenwolf combined: Hacking.

Throughout the issue, the Justice League's technological firewall and weapons systems are turning against them, a situation that is somehow connected to Cyborg. We get some cool moments involving not only Cyborg's technology, but that of the Batcave, as one of the long-dormant trophies of the Caped Crusader's comes to life to wreak havoc in the one place you probably thought was completely safe form unwanted cyber-intruders.

The Batcave Strikes Back

Perhaps the best part of this action-packed "Justice League" issue was seeing Batman and Alfred retaliate against the malfunctioning tech in the Batcave. From Batboats to Batwings and Batmobiles, pretty much every piece of bat-machinery we've come to know and love unexpectedly activates in the confines of Batman's HQ, causing a umber of explosive events for the Dark Knight and his trusty butler. Since the hack seems to not only affect the Justice League's tech, but also the Bat-computer and everything mechanical Bruce uses in his exploits, we're left to wonder if the rest of the Bat-family are experiencing similar bugs as well.

Among the malfunctioning tech is one of the classic trophies of the Batcave: The mechanical Tyrannosaurus Rex, which has been a mainstay in the Caped Crusader's secret lair since the early days of the character. Seeing it come to life, Alfred promptly comes up with a solution to take down the steel beast -- a bazooka, naturally. It makes for a pretty awesome moment, and serves as a great nod to the introduction of the trophy in 1946's "Batman" #35 by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, which also debuted the terrifying "Dinosaur Island" -- basically, an animatronic version of Jurassic Park.

It All Comes Down to Cyborg

We learn quickly that the hack stems from Cyborg's systems -- which, as we've seen in the character's solo series by John Semper Jr. and co., has had a lot of problems lately. Spreading courtesy of the cybernetic hero's suit, the mysterious virus compromises the entire Watchtower's systems, causing it to (almost) crash-land in San Francisco. Luckily, Cyborg manages to boom tube the Watchtower into outer space -- though, he isn't able to prevent his own crash-landing.

The extent of the hack is unclear at this point, but we're given a couple hints in the issue as to how far it could go. Cyborg's systems indicate that the Justice League's personal information may also be hacked, and we later learn that tens of billions of dollars worth of bonds have been wiped from the world's major banks. So, things aren't looking good on a global scale -- it's not just the Justice League in trouble.

Green Lanterns Might...Be a Problem

When Cyborg crash-lands on Earth, he's promptly greeted by the Justice League who want to know what the heck is going on. Before Cyborg can fully explain, his suit continues to malfunction, forcing itself upon Simon Baz/Green Lantern's ring, to ultimately tamper with its power. It seems the virus has the ability to spread from Cyborg's suit, through to a Green Lantern ring, to inadvertently (or, perhaps purposefully) cause Simon to unleash a deadly attack on the team. Thus, as the last page teases, we're about to see Simon, against his will, attack the Justice League, at full force.

"Justice League" #9 hits stands on November 16.

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