ALF TV Reboot in the Works From Warner Bros.

Hide your cats because ALF is coming back to television.

Warner Bros. has greenlit a reboot of popular NBC sitcom ALF with the studio currently searching for a writer to pen the pilot of the relaunch. The project is still in the early stages of development with specifics on the reboot still unclear including what network the series will tentatively air on.

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Co-created by Paul Fusco who also voiced and served as puppeteer for the title character, ALF followed Alien Life Form Gordon Shumway seeking refuge with a middle-class suburban family in America after crash-landing on Earth following his home planet's destruction. The sitcom ran from four seasons between 1986 and 1990 with Fusco reprising the iconic role in commercials and guest appearances in the 28 years since the series' cancellation.

Following a television movie in 1996, Fusco pitched a feature film adaptation of ALF to Sony Animation with the project expected to be a blend of live-action and CGI for its title character. While Sony optioned the project in 2012, it has since been abandoned.

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While Fusco's role, if any, with the planned reboot is still being kept under wraps, it's good to know ALF may be making his way back to television where he started.

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