Alexander Payne Confirms He Still Plans to Adapt Dan Clowes' <i>Wilson</i>

Alexander Payne, the writer/director behind Election, Sideways and the upcoming Descendants, has confirmed he'll soon turn his attention to Daniel Clowes' 2010 graphic novel Wilson.

Payne, who began circling the adaptation nearly a year ago, will direct from Clowes' script about a middle-aged misanthrope who sets out to rekindle his relationship with his ex-wife, and discovers he has a teenage daughter who was born after the marriage and given up for adoption.

The director tells Empire that the film, co-produced by his Ad Hominem production company and Sam Raimi’s Stars Road for Fox Searchlight, will be set in Oakland, California.

First, though, Payne has the release next week of the George Clooney comedy-drama The Descendants, followed in April by the start of production on Nebraska.

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