Alex Sinclair Signs Three-Year Exclusive with DC Comics

Official Press Release

Alex Sinclair, the acclaimed colorist of ALL STAR BATMAN AND ROBIN, THE BOY WONDER, IDENTITY CRISIS, SUPERMAN: FOR TOMORROW, ASTRO CITY and more, has signed a 3-year exclusive agreement with DC Comics. This follows Sinclair's leaving his position as Editor at WildStorm.

Sinclair, who won two consecutive Wizard Fan Awards and been nominated for Eisner and Harvey Award as well, says, "I love WildStorm more than I can explain - you don't work at a company for 12 years unless you love that company. I will miss my friends immensely, but they will still be there and I can come back and visit whenever I want. And most importantly, I will remain part of the family. Signing the exclusive means so much to me because it guarantees that I will continue working for the best comic book publisher, working with the best talent, and coloring the best characters in comics. I look forward to the challenges of full-time freelance and know that it also comes with some perks. Having more time to spend with my family is the ultimate bonus to any deal."

"Alex has been with WildStorm from virtually day one," says Jim Lee, WildStorm Editorial Director. "It's a blow not to have him in the office every day as an incredible editor and an incredible person, but he's still in the family and he's still local. This will free him up to do more awesome coloring on a lot more of our titles."

Titans #33

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