Alex Russell Will Chronicle AMC's 'Galyntine'

After surviving the superhuman drama of Chronicle, actor Alex Russell is about to become part of an entirely different world.

He's set to star in Galyntine, the upcoming AMC pilot from Halt and Catch Fire's Jason Cahill and The Walking Dead's Greg Nicotero. The show takes place in a post-apocalyptic future in which technology no longer exists, bringing society back to its primal roots.

According to Deadline, Russell will play an orphan named Roman who's "unofficially adopted by his best friend Aethys’ family, and he hopes to marry Aethys’ sister Essyn to make his membership in the family official." Roman's hopes and dreams are tanked by "a deeply wounding betrayal" that puts him on a "more dangerous path."

Galyntine is under consideration for a 2015 series pickup.

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