Alex Ross Takes on Conan in New Lithograph

Official Press Release

June 7, 2005, Runnemede, NJ - As part of a licensing deal announced earlier this year, DF is presenting their first Conan Lithograph scheduled to ship to specialty stores this coming August.

The Conan Lithograph (JUN052941) by Alex Ross is an original and exclusively commissioned piece as well as the first Conan collectible from DF, and the only lithograph scheduled from the premiere collectibles company this year. The piece will also be strictly limited to initial orders.

"It goes without saying, but Alex is a true master of his craft," commented Nick Barrucci, President of Dynamic Forces. "This powerful piece is the ultimate Conan in my opinion. This is the ONLY Conan litho that we are releasing this year, and we wanted to start with something really special. When I asked Alex to do the piece, he stated he would do it, as long as he was able to pay homage to John Buscema. Well, I can honestly say, he has exceeded all expectations! This litho will now be the basis for our first Conan statue, and with the incredible detail Alex has provided, boy, do we have our work cut out for us. With Alex's guidance though, we're more than up for the task."

When the deal was first announced, Ross had this to say: "John Buscema is one of my all time favorite artists, and the work he did on Conan remains the definitive version to me. For this one-time painting, I'm channeling all of my inner Buscema for this piece, and I look forward to seeing it as both a litho, and then a statue."

As mentioned by Barrucci, DF is currently planning on turning the piece into a statue, as part of the licensing deal concerning Conan. Look for more information on that release in the near future.

The Conan Lithograph (JUN052941) by Alex Ross is currently available for PRE-ORDER from your local comics shop.



Dynamic Forces presents, for the first-time ever a true dream come true: Alex Ross's vision of Conan the Barbarian.

Commissioned exclusively for DF, this incredible painting is the first time the master artist has ever drawn and painted the Barbarian King Conan. From pencils to paints, this is the Ultimate Conan as only Ross can deliver.

Produced in a "landscape" format, measuring 30" by 16", printed on archival litho paper and strictly limited, this special offer is one you cannot afford to miss.


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