Alex Ross Celebrates Marvels' 25th Anniversary with Short Video

In honor of award-winning miniseries Marvels' 25th anniversary, co-creator and artist Alex Ross has shared a video detailing the behind-the-scenes process behind the book.

The acclaimed comic book creator posted a video on his Twitter account that shows samples of the series' painted art, including character design work and process images leading to the final published visuals depicting the Golden and Silver Age of the Marvel Universe.

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Originally published from January to April 1994 with a special follow-up issue released later that year in August, Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross' Marvels retold the early days of the Marvel Universe through the eyes of photographer Phil Sheldon. The main four issues retold the story of the original Human Torch's creation and the formation of the Invaders during World War II; the dawn of new superhero teams, including the Fantastic Four and Avengers; the arrival of Galactus and the Silver Surfer and the death of Gwen Stacy.

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The series went on to earn three Eisner Awards and helped launch the mainstream comics careers of its creative team.

Marvels is written by Kurt Busiek and illustrated by Alex Ross and available to purchase from Marvel Comics.

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