Alex Ross Explores Marvel's Untold History in New Anthology Series

Marvel Comics has announced that legendary artist Alex Ross will curate a six-issue miniseries titled Marvel. Helmed by creators chosen by Ross himself, the series will take readers back in time to reveal several untold stories from across the publisher's 80-year history.

Originally revealed at MCM London, Ross said in a statement to ComicBook.com, "This book, which is simply called Marvel, is a collection of short stories by unique and exceptional talents, including some who don’t normally work with Marvel characters."

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Marvel's Senior Vice President of Publishing Tom Brevoort added, "The Marvel Anthology that Alex Ross is curating is a cornucopia of tales spread across the whole of the Marvel Universe as visualized by some of the best artists and creators in the field. This series is very much an artist’s showcase, with Alex bringing his discerning eye to the choice of collaborators, recruiting his favorite practitioners of the art to go to town on some of their mutual favorite characters. It’s going to be a blast for the eyes!"

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As of writing, the only writer confirmed for the miniseries is Steve Darnall. You can see art for the series that was shared by Ross, who will be working with Dan Brereton, below.

Known for his distinct, photorealistic art style, Ross is one of the industry's most popular artists. He's previously worked on such books as MarvelsKingdom Come and Justice.

No release date was given for Marvel.

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