Alex Ross helps out in wake of attacks

[Wonder Woman: Spirit of Truth]Following the Attack on America September 11th you've certainly read a multitude of stories about upcoming tribute comics and other benefits by comic companies and professionals to raise money for charities dedicated to relief efforts for those affected by the attack. You can add artist Alex Ross to that growing list.

For the past three years Alex Ross has been selling the artwork to his treasury sized edition comics to raise money for charity. Three years ago Ross auctioned the artwork from "Superman, Peace on Earth" with proceeds going to Unicef, two years ago the artwork to "Batman, War on Crime" was auctioned to support the Reisenbach Foundation, a school for boys in the inner city of New York and last year artwork from "Shazam, Power of Hope" was auctioned with proceeds donated to the Make-a-Wish foundation. This year, Ross will be doing the same with "Wonder Woman, Spirit of Truth."

Set for a November 14th release date, "Wonder Woman, Spirit of Truth" is the fourth in a series of treasury sized edition comics celebrating the 50th anniversary of each character. Each comic is co-created with writer Paul Dini.

Last week CBR News spoke with Sal Abinanti, a representative for Alex Ross, who revealed that this year the artwork to "Wonder Woman, Spirit of Truth" would be auctioned to benefit a New York city relief charity. While a specific charity hadn't been chosen before the attacks, it became crystal clear following the attacks where they money would go.

"We definitely wanted the funds to go to something that was important in the arena of Women's issues," Abinanti told CBR News. "We were leaning towards Breast Cancer research, but we had not picked a charity or contacted anyone directly."

After the attacks, Abinanti and Ross discussed things and a decision was made to change the focus for their charity.

"I called Alex after the attacks and we both told each other our idea at the same time. I mean, the choice was obvious. Alex saw this as a time of national emergency and all things needed to get in line to help the cause.

"The auction will be starting on March 1st at alexrossauction.com and will run the duration of the month," said Abinanti.

A gallery showing of the artwork from the book will also be held.

"The gallery show will be in the Big Apple in February (the last weekend of the month). We feel it's important to have it there to show the magnificent people of New York how much we love them."

While a charity or location for the gallery showing has not been chosen yet, Abinanti is actively pursuing both and will announce more details as they become available.

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