Alex Ross & Dynamite Invite You to Meet the Bad Guys

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Dynamite Entertainment and Alex Ross have introduced fans to the super heroes of the new "dynamite" Golden Age (and quite a few new creations as well) with their sensational series Project Superpowers... and now they invite you to MEET THE BAD GUYS!

A special series - spotlighting the "bad guys" and "bad girls" of Project Superpowers - plotted by Alex Ross and scripted by Joe Casey, PROJECT SUPERPOWER: MEET THE BAD GUYS #1 of 4 issues begins in August!!

"Working with Alex has become a fountain of ideas, literally," said Dynamite Editor Joe Rybandt. "Anytime we close a door, such as the issue of the opening chapter, or the spin-off mini-series we just completed, he's ready for our challenge and opens a handful of others, pushing ideas and concepts at us all designed to expand and enhance the Superpowers Universe. Here, in this four issue series, we're taking a moment in time to introduce some new villains for our returned heroes, and spotlighting a different artist in each issue."

"This story is about the "dark powers rising", and brings you full circle to the heroes who were not trapped in the urn, and the villains they fought. Another piece of the puzzle has been found and the fans should gravitate towards it.". Stated Dynamite President Nick Barrucci.

As the heroes return, the villains rise and the debut issue - illustrated by Jonathan Lau - features the Green Lama and the debut of Blood Lust! What's this powerful new villain's connection to the Green Lama? Find out in this mini-series event, PROJECT SUPERPOWER: MEET THE BAD GUYS #1 (OF 4).

Each issue of Meet the Bad Guys will introduce an all-new original archenemy for the re-imagined heroes of Project Superpowers. If you thought the gang was having a hard time adjusting to the modern world.... Well, things just got worse.

Future issues will feature the art of Mike Lilly, Carlos Paul and Steve Sadowski

PROJECT SUPERPOWERS: MEET THE BAD GUYS #1 (OF 4) (JUN090819) Covers: Alex Ross Writer: Alex Ross, Joe Casey Penciller/Inker: Jonathan Lau Rating: TEEN+ ... $2.99, 32pgs., FC Retailers, check order form for ordering incentives

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For art and more information, please visit: www.dynamiteentertainment.com

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