Alex Ross Covers Captain America for Marvel Legacy

Marvel Comics has debuted an Alex Ross-painted Captain America #695 variant cover that homages John Romita Jr. and Bob Layton's 1979 Iron Man #126 cover in a typical Marvel Legacy lenticular fashion. Though it doesn't allude to any story details, it does boast some glorious art from the Eisner-winning Marvels legend. Check out both "phases" of the cover below.

At Comic-Con International in San Diego it was announced that the Eisner-winning team of Mark Waid and Chris Samnee will be taking over the series with issue #695. Waid made it clear at a panel that it’s Steve Rogers in the title role.

“Steve is kind of tired of being the couch-surfer of the Marvel Universe, he’s never really had a place to call his own other than Avengers Mansion,” Waid said, continuing that the series will involve a road trip for the character. “This is him getting back in touch with Captain America, learning how people perceive Captain America in light of Secret Empire.”

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Marvel Comics assistant editor Alanna Smith said this is something of a back to basics approach to the character, following the Hydra Cap of Secret Empire, while Waid said it will be the “Steve Rogers that we know and love.”

Waid and Samnee first teamed on a critically-acclaimed run on Daredevil, which was also a “back to basics” approach to the character in the wake of several runs that depicted a more gritty version of the Man Without Fear. The run garnered an Eisner win for the team. They would later re-team for a run on Black Widow.

Captain America #695 releases this November.

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