Alex Ross' Celluloid Spider-Man

Spider-Man Art

Call it "What If Alex Ross Designed the Spider-Man Movie?"

Ross, who shot to comic illustration stardom by painting realistic versions of Marvel Comics' heroes in the "Marvels" miniseries and has reinvented the Marvel Universe in the "Earth X" and "Universe X" limited series, reinvented Marvel's flagship hero with David Williams in these designs for the forthcoming Spider-Man movie.

Although not ultimately the film's version of the web-slinger, Ross is now sharing his designs with select Web sites.

The Green Goblin in the accompanying illustrations is one created at the producers' behest, unlike the pumpkin bomb-throwing purple-and-green suited version. Instead, this is a Goblin whose hideous appearance wasn't a mask, but rather the result of a formula taken by Spider-Man's arch-enemy.

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