Alex Ross auctions 'Wonder Woman: Spirit of Truth'

[Wonder Woman]Fans looking to own an original piece of Alex Ross artwork while at the same time interested in doing something to help the victims of the September 11th attacks can now do both.

This past weekend AlexRossAuction.com was relaunched to begin the auctioning of pages from Alex Ross and Paul Dini's oversized DC Comics book, "Wonder Woman: Spirit of Truth." Sal Abbinanti, a spokesperson for Ross, talked to CBR News about the auction in October of 2001. Originally the proceeds of this auction were to go to a breast cancer research group, but Ross decided that the money should instead go to a charity benefiting the victims of the 9/11 attacks and chose the Twin Towers Fund as his charity of choice.

On the Web site you can view pages up for auction and even take a closer look at each page through a unique zoom application they've implemented for this auction. You may also place a bid directly through the Web site. Each piece of artwork is signed by Ross. The auction began Sunday and new pieces are added weekly. Each piece is available for auction for seven days and the auction runs through the end of the month. For more information visit the Web site at AlexRossAuction.com.

Ross has made this an annual event, auctioning off the artwork from each of the previous oversized editions he created with Dini for DC. With the auctions held for the last three books, "Shazam: Power of Hope," "Batman: War on Crime" and "Superman: Peace on Earth" have raised over $250,000 for charities Unicef, the John A. Reisenbach foundation and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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