Alex de Campi and Igor Kordey Offer Limited-Edition Signed Sketch Bookplates for "Smoke" #1

Official Press Release

Alex de Campi and Igor Kordey announced this morning that to promote their new IDW miniseries SMOKE, they will be creating limited-edition bookplates, featuring a new SMOKE sketch by Kordey and signed by both de Campi and Kordey.

Explains de Campi: "This isn't an IDW thing. This is an us thing. I was chatting to James Sime the other day, having a bit of a panic because this was my first book and looking for ideas to market the book to retailers. Sime suggested the bookplates – and it seemed like such a good idea Igor got on the bandwagon immediately and promised a sketch. We're a little late on the ball as final orders for SMOKE 1 are due next week, but we'll see what happens."

The plan is limited to 300 bookplates, only available through participating retailers. The first 30 retailers to indicate interest will get 10 bookplates each, and that's it. So if you're planning to buy Issue 1 of SMOKE, speak to your local comic shop this week, and make sure they email de Campi on alex_de_campi *at* hotmail *dot* com to sign up for the free bookplates before they're all gone. De Campi will mail the bookplates out to participating retailers in early May just before the issue ships.

"We're going to have fun with this. We may mix one or two different original sketches in, as little surprises; I'll be writing little notes and doodling on the bookplates… You can't sign 300 things without cutting loose a bit!" says de Campi.

[Editor's Note: For more details on "Smoke," click here.]

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