An Anarchist Hacker and Reality TV Cop Fall in Love in The New World

Aleš Kot and Tradd Moore each made names for themselves with very different books. Kot is the writer behind Wild Children, Wolf and the current series Days of Hate. Moore is likely best remembered for Luther Strode, but he’s also drawn All-New Ghost Rider along with the interiors and covers of a long list of comics. The two have worked together in the past, but now they’ve embarked on the ambitious Image Comics miniseries The New World, which is in stores now.

Set after the Second American Civil War in New California, the book is a love story between a hacker anarchist and a reality TV cop who are quickly forced to go on the run. The book is a mixture of inventive science fiction and a wild chase, with pointed commentary about politics and media. Artist Tradd Moore and colorist Heather Moore have found a way to make the future look pop, dynamic and different, but not entirely foreign. The two recently sat down with CBR to talk about their new book.

What is The New World to you?

Tradd Moore: You know, I’m not entirely sure yet. I always need some time and retrospect before I can glean an understanding of what exactly I’ve made or what it means to me. I’m still drawing this one, so I can’t quite see through the trees yet.

At the moment, this comic feels like an exploration: internally, externally and stylistically. I’m trying to find a new world for myself.

Aleš Kot: Agreed with Tradd. I’ll add that working with the entire, incredibly talented and focused team and being able to tell a story dear to my heart is key. The New World is an opportunity to tell a story nobody else is telling -- a high-octane mainstream sci-fi-action ride with engaging, complex characters rooted in the best dreams and the worst nightmares of the United States, now.

You two worked together on Zero #2 a few years back. What did you like about working together and why did you want to work together again?

Moore: Aleš is a smart, creative, caring person and a talented, compelling writer. I love the art we make together; I think our creative voices have unique urgency and resonance when coupled.

We’ve been looking for and finding opportunities to collaborate since we both got started in comics -- since back when Aleš was writing Wild Children and I was drawing The Strange Talent of Luther Strode. We put together a cool pitch that never turned into anything in 2012, we worked on Zero #2 in 2013 and we worked on Secret Avengers in 2013-2014. The New World has been our first opportunity to create something substantial together.

Kot: Everything Tradd said about me and our collaboration is true, and I feel the same way he feels about me about him. I find deep, revitalizing inspiration in our work together.

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