Ales Kot Officially Off "Suicide Squad" With Issue #24

After launching with a well received first issue, writer Ales Kot announced today that he is officially off DC Comics "Suicide Squad" ongoing as of October's issue #24.

Fans started asking after the status of the "Change" writer yesterday when new DC solicits listed Matt Kindt as the writer for the latest tale of the DC black ops team, prompting Kot to post the following on his Tumblr page:

Since the solicitations for October's DC titles came out, I was repeatedly asked if I am no longer writing Suicide Squad. Yes, Matt Kindt is writing SS #24 and I am no longer writing Suicide Squad. Matt's "3 Story" is one of my favorite graphic novels I read in the last few years and I look forward to reading "Mind MGMT" when I finally find the time to buy the first hardcover collection, which you can find here. Matt Kindt is a very capable storyteller who is doing exciting things in the comics medium and I wish him great things.

Kot added of his time with the series, "I killed my deadlines, I wrote my best, and I have no regrets whatsoever." In the immediate future, Kot plans to continue unabated with his creator-owned work including the incoming Image ongoing "Zero" created with artist Michael Walsh.

This is the latest last minute creative change to hit a DC series since the launch of the New 52 - an action that's happened often enough to constitute a trend. While the publisher rarely comments on such dismissals, stay tuned to CBR News for any forthcoming information about the future of the book. And stay tuned as well for more on "Zero" with Kot in the days ahead.

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