Alas, the Green Lantern Corps was ineligible to vote in North Carolina

Contrary to 50 years of DC Comics continuity, it turns out that Coast City isn't in California, but rather somewhere in North Carolina. As incontrovertible evidence, allow me to direct you to the website of one Hal Jordan, former Republican candidate for North Carolina's 8th congressional district.

That's right, Hal Jordan for Congress. Take that, Oliver Queen!

A conservative businessman, Jordan describes himself as "pro-life, a member of the NRA and a supporter of traditional marriage between one man and one woman." However, he makes no mention of a career as a test pilot or stint as a spirit of vengeance. In Jordan's defense, the latter is difficult to work into a brief biography.

None of that matters now, though: Jordan came in third in the May 4 Republican primary, behind Tim D'Annunzio and Harold Johnson, who face a runoff election next month.

It's probably all for the best, as there was undoubtedly a pesky reporter waiting to ambush Jordan with a question about how an intergalactic police force infringes on the sovereignty of the United States. Either that, or something about Parallax. Stupid "gotcha" journalism.

Xena: Warrior Princess Vol. 3 #6

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